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Modern Law College
Ganeshkhind, Savitribai Phule Pune University Circle, Pune 411016.
Recognised by the Government of Maharashtra, Permanently Affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune Unversity & Approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi
I.D. No. PU/PN/LAW/189/2003; Recognized U/S. 2(f) &12(B) of UGC Act 1956
Accredited by NAAC with B++ grade

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Welcome to Modern Law College. 

College Progressive Eduaction Societys Modern Law College, is based on the two Maxims 'Ignoranti Juris neminem excusat' and ' Lex facit Regem'.
'Ignoranti Juris neminem excusat'
meaning Ignorance of Law Excuses no one. The Legal System in our country is based on the principle and presumption that all the citizens are aware of law and are expected to follow the same, in its letter and spirit.
One of the reasons, besides social obligations is depicted in the vision statement o the P.E.S Modern Law College, Pune.
The strength of legal education is also found in the maxim 'Lex facit Regem', which means Law makes the King. If the law is stronger than the king himself, the importance of law and legal education in the life of a common man, is beyond imagination. The Progressive Education Society established Modern Law College, Pune with the vision to provide quality based legal education.
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