Keeping students’ need of grasping more knowledge about the contemporary issues, Modern Law college conducts regular group meetings led by experts in that field of expertise to focus on relevant topic or discipline. Modern Law College’s seminar take place for a day or over the course of a few days and involve cooperative discussion, multiple speakers and opportunities to share perspectives and issues related to the topic.

It also gives students an intensive exposure to a topic through presentations and discussions led by multiple experts. Along with having access to experts, it also gives the students an opportunity to meet other people who share their interests. The discussions also offer chances to debate over issues related to the field, share experiences and exchange perspectives. Meeting and interacting with new people offers encouragement, solutions to common problems and advice for how to handle challenges.

Seminars also help the students to renew their motivation and to pursue their goals leading to higher productivity in their professional and academic goals.


Upcoming Seminars


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