With a conscious effort and deliberate intention to uplift students’ development and furnish them with abundant opportunities to hone their knowledge-based skills along with the academic curriculum, Modern Law College organizes the Late Shankarrao Kanitkar National Moot Court Competition. We welcome all Indian law colleges and universities for a large scale dynamic moot court, simulating the proceedings of all contemporary legal issues that needs acute attention and re-examination keen attention.

Apprehending to this thought Anticipating the need of the hour Modern Law College, instituted the concept of Moot Court Competition in the year 2006. This idea was well recognised received by the student community and eventually manifested its successfulness which made it a grand success. For its first nine years, the competition was held at the State Level, providing a platform to the students across the State of Maharashtra. Since the 10th year of the competition, Shankarrao Kanitkar Moot Court Competition is being organized at the National Level and has been receiving huge response from all over the country.  This Moot Court Competition is named after Late Shri Shankarraoji Kanitkar, who is one of the founders of Progressive Education Society.

Modern Law College, annually organizes the Late Shankarrao Kanitkar Moot Court Competition. This Competition mainly deals with the current issues of the society which require social awareness and immediate concern. It also gives the law students the opportunity, for drafting of briefs (or memorials) and participating in oral real time arguments. It provides them a real live court room experience and tests their advocacy skills.

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