Prorogressive Education Society

Shri. S. R. Kanitkar

Progressive Education Society is a reputed and distinguished educational institution in Maharashtra. Honorable, Late Shankarrao Kanitkar, along with his selfless dedicated team of teachers known for the highest moral values, laid the foundation of the Society on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya on 16th May, 1934 in Pune. It was established by five prominent teachers and experts in the field of education. It  was established in the year 1934 by an eminent educationist Prof. S.R. Kanitkar. He was ably assisted by such young and dedicated teachers of proven excellence as Shri. V. T. Tatake, Shri. G.G. Damle and Shri. Koparkar etc. Late Shri. S. R. Kanitkar was the fountain head of inspiration of the persons who joined hands with him in implementing the ideas of starting a new high-school in Pune city.

There are in total 53 Educational Institutions (Ranging from Pre-Primary to Post-Graduation) imparting quality education. It has Distinguished Alumni of Eminent personalities as alumnus.

P.E. Society has been making noteworthy progress for the last 78 years.

The aims and the objectives of the Progressive Education Society  as laid down in its constitution are “To impart generally to the rising generations of its country and particularly to the residents of Maharashtra state, an efficient pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary and collegiate education, embodying a literacy, scientific, technical, commercial and Industrial training and the training of teacher by the establishment at Pune and other places in the Maharashtra state, as circumstance permits of pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary schools and colleges or by such other means as may be most conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the society “. The motto of Progressive Education Society is “EVER TO EXCEL”. The mission statement of Progressive Education Society is “Dnyanamayo Bhava” which is taken from Rigveda.