Vision & Mission

5Vision Statement:

Vision statement of the parent Progressive Education Society, Shivajinagar, Pune 5 is imbibed in the Sanskrit statement, transliterated as

Mission statement of the College is:

“Be knowledgeable”

It is inscribed at the top of the logo which is given below:



  • The letters P.E.S. i.e. Progressive Education Society (the Parent Body) are inscribed in the Centre. The vision is to remain ‘Progressive’ and ‘Modern’, hence all institution run by the Progressive Education Society have a prefix ‘Modern’ such as in, Modern Law College, Modern High School, etc.
  • At the foot of the logo is ‘EXCELSIOR’, an expression of incessant aspirations of higher attainment.

The objectives of the College:

The Progressive Education Society’s, Modern Law College, Pune, is based on two Latin Maxims “Lex facit Regem”, which stands for supremacy of law even over the king. The importance of law in the life of common man is such that even the framers of the law are not above the law for the time being in force. Further maxim “Ignorantia legis neminem excusat”, in the simple parlance means ignorance of law is no excuse. The legal system in our country is based on the principle and presumption that all the citizens are aware of law and expected to follow the same, in its letter and spirit. If the law is stronger than the king himself and the importance of law is such that every citizen is expected to know it, the importance of legal education for every person is beyond imagination.

Mission statement of the College is:

“To create multidisciplinary best citizens
to suit the local, national and international needs,
having legal temperament, moral, ethical values and
multifaceted proactive personality,
by providing excellent education”.

This is communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders:

  • Through Principal’s Address at the commencement of the academic year
  • Through college prospectus, publications and important documents of the college, parent institute and College website.
  • By displaying the ‘Mission Statement’ at prominent place in the college premises.
  • Formally in classes and during staff meetings.
  • Informal counseling during academic sessions and personal interactions with students and staff.
  • Through parent meetings and functions, activities arranged in college from time to time

Vision Statement of the College :

“To develop Legal, Logical and Ethical Youth for the benefit of the Society”