Autonomous Certificate Course


The regular syllabus of the traditional law college does not prepare the student for actual court experience. The theoretical approach of the syllabus leaves a huge gap between college education and practice. This lacuna needs to be filled by introducing short term practically oriented courses at the college level. This course is aimed at giving an overview of Civil Practices in Courts & Criminal Practices in Courts.


  1. To make the students aware of the practical implementation of the theoretical provisions on hands basis.
  2. To introduce the students to court, court procedure and various protocols of the court.
  3. To make the students aware of various drafts and applications to be made and the legal provisions behind the same.
  4. To train the students in drafting skills and the legal requirements of the drafts and application.


  1. Part time practical oriented
  2. 10-30 days short term course.
  3. Maximum intake 20 students, admission first come first serve basis
  4. Bonafide law student, preference to last year students of Modern Law College, Pune 16.
  5. Compulsory attendance at each session, alternate sessions may be provided.
  6. Dress-code white shirt, white trousers black leather shoes, black tie during court visits.
  7. Study material in soft copy may be provided.

Course Content:

  1. Class room sessions
  2. On field (Court) visit. The students shall have to make arrangement for travelling and reaching the destination.

List of Courses Offered

  • Certificate Course in Civil Practice
  • Certificate Course in Criminal Practice
  • Certificate Course in Forensic Studies
  • Certificate Course in Communication Skills
  • Certificate Course in Economics