Modern Law College conduct as an add on course, various Diploma Courses to add value to the Law Degree Courses. These courses are conducted mainly in the evening batch, so as to facilitate the working professionals as well.

The advantage of the Diploma Courses:

  1. It is useful for advocates, businessmen and employees of other industries and institutions.
  2. It is useful for advocates practicing in Taxation Laws, Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, businessmen and M.B.A. and M.P.M. students.
  3. It is useful for advocates, Computer Operating Organizations, Police Officers, Businessmen, B.P.O.s, L.P.O.s, and Computer Institutes.
  4. It is useful for advocates’ employees of Patent, Copyright and Trademark Offices.
Sr. No. Name of the Course Duration Admission Process Qualification
1. DLL & LW ( Diploma in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare) 1 years CET not required Graduation
2. DIPR (Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws) 1 Years CET not required H.S.C.
3. DCL (Diploma in Cyber Laws) 1 Years CET not required H.S.C.
4. DTL (Diploma in Taxation Laws) 1 Years CET not required Graduation

Diploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare (D.L.L. & L.W.)

  1. Law Relating to Labour Management Relations
  2. Social Security Legislation
  3. Principles of Wage Fixation & the Law of Wages
  4. Legislation Affecting Conditions of Work
  5. Practical Training (Field work /Visit) and Viva Voce

Diploma in Taxation Laws (D.T.L.)

  1. General laws Affecting Taxation
  2. Income Tax Act 1961 as amended upto date
  3. Wealth Tax Act, Central Excise Act and Service Tax
  4. Central Sales Tax Act and Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002
  5. Book Keeping & Accountancy

Diploma in Cyber Laws (D.C.L.)

  1. Basic & Regulatory Framework of Cyber World
  2. E- Commerce
  3. Information Technology Act, 2000.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights in the Cyber Word Desertion / Field Based Project Report.
  5. Practical Training (Field work /Visit) and Viva Voce

Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (DIPR)

  1. Patent Law
  2. Copyright & Negotiable Rights
  3. Trade Mark
  4. Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications & Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits
  5. Practical Training and Viva Voce