The Free Legal Aid Group (FLAG) is established under the patronage of Modern Law College, to provide free and quality legal services to the needy people in the Society. The same would also provide the existing students with first hand exposure to advocacy and skills of legal profession like interaction with clients, drafting, conveyance and preparation of petitions, applications and litigations. The FLAG would endeavour to provide Legal Aid to all and at the same time ensures that the word ‘Free’ does not over shadow on the word ‘Aid’.

Taking the COVID-19 Pandemic into consideration, Modern Law College proudly presents eFLAG, where people could directly fill the form and inform their queries, and our expert team will revert as soon as possible.


  1. The response and answers given on eFLAG are the opinion from the standpoint of Modern Free Legal Aid Group Resource Panel.
  2. To verify take expert help.
  3. Modern Law College or any authority will not be responsible for any actions taken based upon the opinions given by the panel of experts.