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Seminar on Legal Research Methdology - Theory and Practice 25th February 2014


P.ES. Modern Law College, Department of LL.M. organised a seminar on Legal Research Methdology - Theory and Practice 25th February 2014. The inaugural session commenced with the welcome address delivered by Dr.Sunita Adhav, Principal, Modern Law College and introduces the Chief Guest Dr.Mukund Sarda, Dean and Principal, Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Law College, Pune.

Key Note Address by the Chief Guest

The inaugural session was presided over by Dr.Mukund Sarda, Dean and Principal, Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Law College, Pune. In his informative lecture Dr.Sarda focussed on the importance of research in the academics. Dr Sarda started by stating how "idea is the currency of Academics". He has stated that there are five essential qualities of a researcher Innovation, Design, Presentation, Purpose and Connectivity. Sir also asserted that, law is not an antigue to be taken down, dusted, admired and put back on the shelf. It is a dynamic instrument for bringing about developmen. The focus was also on research with the social orientation of the research. The level of research must be internationaland must cater to the whole fraternity.Dr Sarda gave various illustrations in explaining the relationshipof legal problems with legal research. He gave a detailed analysis of the Domestic Violence Act 2005, the limitations of maintainance laws in India, and s.497 IPC adultry law in India.

The second speaker for the seminar on Legal Research Methdology - Theory and Practice was Dr. Minal Narawane, Director, and Centre for Human Resource, YASHADA. Madam had deliberated various aspects of research methodology. Madam also explained in detail the various stages of conduction a legal research from the framing of the topic, framing of the hypothesis to the conduction on various kinds of doctrinal and non doctrinal research.Dr. Minal Narawane also answered various questions of the students in her interactive session with the students.

The Second Session was chaired by Dr. Shruti Tambe, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Pune, Pune. Dr Tambe discusses the topic of "The Need and Importance of Research Methodology". Dr. Shruti Tambe stated research is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Madam had explained the various phases of rearching including Data mining, original research, Data analysis, stratergy of study, Research Design, Sources of the research, actual data collection, and classification of data and publication of dissemination.Dr. Shruti Tambe made the students aware of the moral and social obligations of the researcher.