Principal’s Message

Dr. Sunita Adhav LL.M. Ph.D.

“Quality is never an accident; it is the result ol hard work, determination and perseverance.”

We at Modern Law College believe that- “Quality is never an accident; it is the result of hard work, determination and perseverance”. Hence, all of us vehemently work towards the betterment of the field of law by contributing to the development of responsible individuals and great lawyers of tomorrow. Since I stepped into the profession of teaching, I have realised that, as teachers, we have been entrusted with great power that can create and form the future of this country, and as Law  Teachers, more so. All of us at Modern Law College understand that, ‘With great power, comes great responsibilty.” Hence, we have always strived to achieve excellence by optimum utilization of all the resources at our disposal and raising the standards of imparting education in Law.


We have always aimed at expanding our horizons and providing our students and the faculty with all the comforts and amenities required for achieving the highest peaks in the legal field.


It is the vision of the College to establish a nexus between the theoretical and the practical aspect of the profession. In pursuit of our vision, along with the curriculum, some autonomous, value added courses in Civil and Criminal Practice Training are also provided. The College has been organizing an Inter Collegiate Moot Court Competition since 2006. In the previous year, we took a step forward and successfully organized a National Level Moot Court Competition, where participation were seen from all parts of the country. In the current year as well, this activity was organized and has been successfully conducted and concluded.


Apart from this, the College strives to bring the students in touch with the research aspect of legal training. We have conducted three successful research projects with the Marhatta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture for Development. Just like Law touches every aspect of life, we make sure that we incorporate every aspect of life in teaching Law and provide the students with a wholesome experience.


It gives me immense pleasure in stating that our college has students enrolled from all around the world. Students from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Thailand, Kenya, USA, have been enrolled in our graduate programme and provide a sense of diversity to our college. Along with international students, students from all over the country have also made their way to Modern Law College, thus providing us a national identity. We work hard to make education a very warm experience for our students and that is why we have various committees helping them and safeguarding their  interests at every level and in every facet of academic pursuit.


Modern Law College has imbibed in its students the need for participation and the need for a holistic development, and will continue to do so. Hence, every year, towards the end of the Academic Year, an Annual Adjournment Week is held, where a whole week of Academic, Sports and Cultural events, concluding with a gathering take place and the colours of joy adorn the campus.


The vision for this college is for its further development is to enrol more students from the rural areas and help them acquire the scholarships made available by the environment. Further, establish a MOU with foreign Universities for student exchange programmes. Steps will be taken to start up more Journals with ISSN and ISBN, and completely digitized classrooms. Thus, under the able guidance of the Chairman DR. Gajanan Ekbote Sir, Coordinator Adv. Chintamani Ghate and the helping hands of our faculty and non-teaching statf members, we hope to achieve our vision.


Dr. Sunita Adhav