Teaching Faculty

Dr. Sunita Adhav


Qualifications : B.Com. LL.M. Ph.D (Law)
Teaching Experience : 20 Years
Area of Interest : Administrative Law , Human Rights & International Law
Contact : principal@modernlawcollege.org

Dr. Ananya Bibave

Vice Principal

Qualifications : BSL, LL. M, C.C.F & M.J, PGDCL, N.E.T. (J.R.F.), S.E.T., Ph.D (Law)
Teaching Experience : 12 Years
In-charge : Academic and Research Coordinator, Board of Studies of College Courses, IQAC
Area of Interest : Personal Laws and Environmental Laws, IQAC
Contact : viceprincipal@modernlawcollege.org

Asst Prof. Pawan Kalwala

Head Of Dept: B.A. LL.B. (5 Year Course )

Qualifications : BSL, LL. M, NET (Law)
Teaching Experience : 08 Years
In-charge : College Development Committee, International Student’s In-charge, Healthcare Committee
Area of Interest : Intellectual Property Law, and International Law
Contact : pawan.kalwala@modernlawcollege.org

Mr. Abhijeet Dhere

Qualifications : B.S.L ;LL.M.; D.T.L.; MLL.L &W.; N.E.T/S.E.T.; Pursuing Ph.D (Law)
Teaching Experience : 6 Year
In-charge : Programme Officer for N.S.S., M.L.R.C., Alumni Association, Placement Cell
Area of Interest : Constitutional Law and International Law
Contact : abhijeet.dhere@modernlawcollege.org

Asst .Prof. Shivanjali Bhoite

Head Of Dept: LL.B (3 Year Course)

Qualifications : B. Sc, LL.M., N.E.T., D.B.M, C.C.F.& M.J.; Pursuing Ph.D (Law)
Teaching Experience : 8 Years
In-charge : College Examination Officer, Library Advisory, Nodal Officer for NIRF, ATAL
Area of Interest : Criminal Law and Constitutional Law
Contact : shivanjali.bhoite@modernlawcollege.org

Asst. Prof. Mayura Borde

Head Of Dept: LL.M

Qualifications : B.Sc., LL.M., N.E.T, S.E.T., Pursuing Ph.D.(Law)
Teaching Experience : 8 Years
In-charge : Board of Student Development, Internal Complaint Committee
Area of Interest : Law of Contract and Constitutional Laws
Contact : mayura.borde@modernlawcollege.org

Asst. Prof. Shital Keskar

Qualifications : BHMS LLM NET SET Pursuing Ph.D.(Law)
Teaching Experience: 2 year
In-charge : College initiated courses, Student Progression Record, Aptitude Test
Area of interest : Constitutional law, family law
Contact : shital.keskar@modernlawcollege.org

Asst. Prof. Prajakta Pimpalshende

Qualifications : B.Sc., LL.M., M.P.M. NET (Law)
Teaching Experience : 11 Years
In-charge : College Publications, Research Journal, Free Legal Aid Group, Student Counselling and Mentoring
Area of Interest : Corporate Laws and Civil Laws
Contact : prajakta.pimpalshende@modernlawcollege.org

Asst. Prof. Sujata Tikande

Qualification : B.S.L. LL.M, NET (Law)
Teaching Experience : 8 Years
In-charge : Legal Aid, Diploma
Area of Interest : Administrative Law, Business Law

Asst. Prof. Savita Bansode

Qualifications : B.A. LL.B, LL.M, S.E.T. (Law), Pursuing PhD.
Teaching Experience : 02 Years
In-charge : MOD, Hostel, Guidance for M.P.S.C/ U.P.S.C
Area of Interest : Business Law

Asst. Prof. Pratik Salgar

Qualifications : B.A.LL.B. LL.M. Pursuing PhD (Law)
Teaching experience : 02 Years
In-charge : Placement and Career Development Cell, Cultural Department
Area of Interest : Environmental Law


Asst. Prof. Amal Varghese

Qualifications : B.A., M.A. (English Literature)
Teaching Experience : 03 Years
In-charge : Feedback, Per-Meditatus, LMS, MOD, Magazine
Area of Interest: Poetry, Linguistics

Asst. Prof. Akshay Ugale

Qualifications : B.A., M.A., NET (Economics)
Teaching Experience : 01 Year
In-charge : Student Grievance Redressal, Magazine
Area of Interest : Macro Economics, Behavioural Economics, Public Policy analysis, Banking and Finance.

Asst. Prof. Vikas Waghmare

Qualifications : B.A., M.A., NET, SET, Pursuing PhD (Political Science)
Teaching Experience : 02 Years
In-charge : Examination and Coordination, MOOCS, Anti-Ragging Cell, Guidance for M.P.S.C/ U.P.S.C
Area of Interest : Political Philosophy, Political Sociology, Indian Political Thought

Asst. Prof. Dipali Kamble

Qualifications : B.A., M.A. NET, SET (Sociology)
Teaching Experience : 04 Years
In-charge : Scholarships
Area of Interest : Research


Dr. Sunita Mane 

Qualifications :B. Com, M.Lib.& I.Sc., Ph.D. (Library Science)
Experience :14 Years
In-charge : Press Release
Contact : library@modernlawcollege.org