Best Practices 2019-20

Title of the practice: – Students Blog

The context that required the initiation of the practice

To encourage the creativity in the students the college has started a student’s college blog where they can express their views related to any issue which is close to their heart.

Objectives of the practice

To encourage students to express themselves.
writing skills to be nurtured
Best blogs are appreciated by publishing them in the college magazine.

The Practice

In this attention deficiency world where the young minds are wondering over social media and wasting their creativity in unwanted things. College has started an initiative to encourage the students to write their views and express their opinions through blogs on topic of their choice. A teacher overviews the content and check the plagiarism in the writings and thus allow the blog to be published on the official page.

Obstacles faced

Low response of students was a great obstacle we face while implementing this initiative. Moreover, whatever writings we received to a greater extent we found rare original idea in it.

Impact of the practice

The students were encouraged to write the blogs and we received an overwhelming response pf 50 students were after scrutiny we published 20 Blogs.

Resources required


Title of the Practice: Teachers Diarium

Goal: To assess the teaching report at a glance.

The Context:

Teaching being the core of essential function of college. Planning becomes very crucial with Teachers diarium at a glance we can come to known what the concern teacher did the entire year. The diarium contains the yearly planning, daily tasts both academic and administrative. And in detail it furnishes us with daily teaching reports. Research projects are to be reported in the Diarium. Therefore, the entire hard work a teacher puts in can be glanced at once through this Teachers Diarium.

The Practice:

All the teachers get the teachers diarium in the beginning of the academic year. The teachers have to fill all the details related to research, Teaching plan, and daily teaching report. At the end of every month the teachers diarium is assessed by the Principal and accordingly suggestions are given the concern teacher which is again reassessed the follow-up month.

Impact of the Practice:

The teachers are more focused on their daily task and are achieving their goals of writing the research articles, chapters of books, teaching learning process is stream lined. Planning is done before hand and effectively implemented in every area of teacher’s responsibilities.

Resources Required

Teachers Diarium