Dr. Gajanan. R. Ekbote Chairman’s Message

Dear Student,

The future belongs to people who dare to dream big. It belongs to those who make way through the clouds of oblivion with the force of their determination. “I have allwys believed that the answer to my destiny lies in creating the results, I desire.” Modern Law College has grown immensely since its inception and had contributed tremendously to the legal fraternity through its various seminars and workshop conducted. The student of Modern Law College has also won accolade for the college in various culture competitions and street play Competition.

My best wishes are allwys with the college and its constant endeavour to attain higher goal for the develoment of the college. We welcome you to be a part of Modern Law College and contribute to society and the legal fraternity.

Prof. Dr .Gajanan .R. Ekbote,
Progressive Education Society, Pune.