Equal Opportunities Cell

Equal opportunity is a gateway to a dignified life. Every human being is entitled to dignified life. Considering these realities of life, the College has established Equal Opportunities Cell to cater the needs and necessities of differently abled people. 

The Cell endeavors to install the facilities for differently abled people in the campus like making the library resources accessible to blind people through availability of audio books and constructing washroom facilities specifically designed for such people. In these ways, the campus has been made user friendly for differently abled people. 

The Cell undertakes activities to create sensitivities in the society about the challenges faced by these people and attempts to redress their grievances with the help of community support. 

Under the aegis of the Cell, as per the mandate of the UGC, INTERNAL COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES has been established to cater their demands at college level. It is an enabling Unit in compliance with the UGC Mandate through letter no. F.No. 6-1/2018 (SCT) dated 11th January, 2019. 


  • To foster respect and promote inclusiveness and ensure participation of persons with disabilities in all activities in the College
  • To aid and assist the College in formulating campus-wide, disability-friendly policies.
  • To improve the accessibility of the College campus, in terms of both physical as well as virtual infrastructure.
  • To protect the rights of persons with disabilities in compliance with legal framework and authority mandates.
  • To make all the study/reading material accessible to persons with disability.
  • To assist the college in removing any barriers that may hinder the progress, empowerment and granting of equal rights to various persons with disabilities.
  • To organize events and activities in the College, sensitizing people about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities.
  • To collaborate with other Institutions, Government departments and Organizations for promoting and protecting rights of persons with disability.


Equal Opportunity Cell 

Sr. No.NameDesignation
Dr. Sunita AdhavChairman
Dr. Shivanjali BhoiteMember
Dr. Mayura BordeMember
Mr. Kishor ThombreMember
Mr. Ambilge SanketMember


If any student of college who is differently abled (disabled) is facing any difficulty of any form within the campus or in studies can approach to the committee and we assure that it will be timely resolved.

If any stakeholder wishes to suggest anything which will be helpful for any student of college who is differently abled (disabled) can approach to the cell.

Contact: grievances.modernlaw@gmail.com