Placement Cell

1. Name of the Cell – Placement Cell 

2. Faculty members – Asst Prof Kaustubh Ghate, , Asst Prof Dhanashree Patil, Asst Prof Vaishali

3. Aims and objectives of the cell – Placement Cell is established with the following aims & objectives:


  • To conduct an induction program with reference to placements for students.
  • To conduct various career enhancement activities like soft skill workshops, workshops relating to traditional law practice.
  • To recommend students for various internship activities at Law Firms and other organizations along with recommendation letters.
  • To maintain the records with reference to Internships and placements of students.


The objective of cell is to make students aware of various career dimensions available in legal field and make opportunities available for them to initiate their professional career.

The objective is to prepare students for traditional court practice by conducting various collaborative activities with law firms and legal professionals. Students are encouraged to participate in various professional and networking events organized by law firms and other corporate entities.

4. Landmark activities are done under a cell – 

  1. Internship Activity – Students are provided with internship at various law firms and organizations to make students ready for traditional court practice. More than 600 students have completed internships with more than 100 Law firms and Advocates respectively.
  2. Placement Activity – College has provided recommendation of students for placement in various companies as well as academic verification. College has conducted various soft skill training sessions for the students every year.
  3. Lex Opus – Lex means Law and Opus means Work. Lex Opus is a lecture Series initiated by Placement Cell from year 2022. The lecture series included guest lecture on traditional court practice, opportunities available in legal field, competitive exams for law students etc.