Report of  Psychology Counseling Cell

Name of the Cell – Psychology Counseling Cell

 Faculty members – Asst. Prof. Prajakta Pimpalshende Asst. Prof. Dhanashree Patil

 Aims and Objectives of the cell – The Psychology Counseling Cell is founded with the following aims & objectives:


  • To discuss and resolve the problems of stress, anger,  depression ,failure and  family problem  of students .
  • To celebrate life with a positive approach.
  • To involve and cooperate for self help.
  • To achieve emotionally and socially happy life.


The objective is to spread the right knowledge, the right purpose, and the right base of Psychology Counseling.

An important goal of Counseling is promotion of positive feelings, mental health and well- being. Thus the goal of Counseling is not limited only to resolving problems, but also to build resources. It has moved from problem-focused and remedial orientation to a strengths-based and preventive approach.

Counseling Psychology is a generalist health service (HSP) specialty in professional psychology that uses a broad range of culturally-informed and culturally-sensitive practices to help people improve their well-being, prevent and alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises, and increase their ability to function better in their lives. It focuses specifically but not exclusively on normative life-span development, with a particular emphasis on prevention and education as well as amelioration, addressing individuals as well as the systems or contexts in which they function. It has particular expertise in work and career issues.

Facilitate the students: –

  • Modern Law College has appointed Dr. Nirjhara Wagh for psychology counseling. 
  • Induction program is arranged every new Academic Year for all First Year Students.
  • Every week on Wednesday and Friday Dr. Nirjhara Wagh conducts one to one session for the students to maintain confidentiality.
  • Regular follow up of student clients are taken by Dr. Nirjhara Wagh.
  • File and all client records are maintained separately.

Benefited Students through Psychology Counseling Cell:- 

  • In the Academic Year of 2019-20 twenty five students were benefited.
  • In the Academic Year of 2020-21 nine students were benefited.
  • In the Academic Year of 2021-22 twenty one students were benefited.

Report of  Family  Counseling Cell

Faculty members – Asst. Prof. Prajakta Pimpalshende Asst. Prof. Dhanashree Patil

 Aims and Objectives of the cell – Family counseling, or family therapy, aims to address psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues that cause family problems. Family members will work with a therapist or counselor to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. 


  • To discuss and resolve the problems of stress, anger, depression   and family problem of clients.
  • Develop and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Facilitate cohesion and communication
  • Promote problem-solving by a better understanding of family dynamics
  • Build empathy and understanding
  • Reduce conflict within the family


  • Family counseling, or family therapy, is a method to develop and maintain healthy and functional family relationships.
  • The goal is to identify and address problems in the family. These issues could be emotional, psychological, or behavioral.

Improve communication, address family conflicts, and create a more effective home setting are the three goals of family therapy. Dealing with dysfunctional family relationships for a long time might cause mental health concerns in each family member. In this context, marriage and family therapy are critical.

1. Family counseling can help you communicate better with your family.

2. It Improves Family Bonding and Relationships.

3. Mental Health Can Be Improved Through Family Therapy

4. It has the potential to keep the entire family together.

Facilities provided by Family Counseling Cell:- 

  • Modern Law College has appointed Adv. Sandip Mahale Sir Family Court Practitioner for counseling of clients.
  • Every Friday Adv. Sandip Mahale sir conducts one to one interaction with clients in college. All the sessions are confidential.
  • Regular follow ups are to be taken by Adv. Sandip Mahale Sir.

Facilitate the students: –

  • Modern Law College Appoint Volunteers From Heartfulness.
  • Yoga and Meditation session conducted by Volunteers of Heartfulness.

Benefits of family counseling

Benefits of counseling vary from family to family, but they can include:

  • developing healthy boundaries
  • improving communication
  • defining someone’s role within the family
  • improving family dynamics and relationships
  • providing strength and coping tools for family members
  • addressing dysfunctional interactions
  • improving the family’s problem-solving abilities

 Modern Law College has benefited two clients in 2020. 

 In the Academic year 2021-22 sixteen clients were benefited.

Report of  Yoga and Meditation Cell

Faculty members – Asst. Prof. Prajakta Pimpalshende Asst. Prof. Dhanashree  Patil

 Aims and Objectives of the cell –  Aim of yoga is to self-reflect, control the breath, achieve deep relaxation, and grow through meditation, all of this combined will result in better mental, emotional and physical health as we challenge the mind and body through a sequence of yoga asanas.


The Aim of yoga is control over the mind. A man who cannot control his mind will find it difficult to attain divine communication, but the self-controlled man can attain if he tries hard and directs his energy by the right means.

The aim of yoga is integrating the body, mind and thoughts so as work for good ends. . Modern life style leads to diseases, which are mostly due to poor food habits, heavy daily routines turn easily affect the human body.

Objectives of the cell

1) To enable the student to have good health. 

2) To practice mental hygiene.

 3) To possess emotional stability.

 4) To integrate moral values.

The main objectives of the Yogic practices are to make one free from diseases, ignorance, egoism, miseries the affiliations of old age, and fear of death etc.


Meditation can bring about a true personal transformation. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll naturally start discovering more about yourself.


  • To experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It takes only a few minutes every day.
  • Once imbibed into the daily routine, meditation becomes the best part of your day! Meditation is like a seed.
  • Busy people from all backgrounds are grateful to pause and enjoy a refreshing few minutes of meditation each
    day. Dive deep into yourself.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Cell

  • Reducing Stress. 
  • Adding Confidence.
  • Enhancing Concentration.
  • Instilling Self-Control. 
  • Improving Memory. 
  • Improves Metabolism.
  • Managing Time.