Vasundhara Movement Cell

In-charge Faculty: 

Asst. Prof. Vikas Waghmare

Asst. Prof. Prasenjeet Ranit

Asst. Prof. Chinmay Shete

Asst. Prof. Vaishnavi Desai 

Asst. Prof. Savita Bansode


We are on the mission to create a green Movement in the rural/urban area.  Our aim is to restore, preserve and protect the biodiversity, conservation. 


Our objective is to increase green cover to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, re-establish self-sufficiency, re-establish sustainability, and weather climate change. Also wants to motivate people to plant native trees and promote a culture of environmental stewardship and establish a connection to the environment/nature.

Activities of the cell: 

Tree Plantation Drive:

The global warming bringing the word closer to desertification day by day, Modern Law College, Pune contributes to mitigate the above global issue. The college organises Tree Plantation Drive every year. Tree Plantation Drive is landmark activity of the cell. Sapling like Neem, Aam, Babul, Banayan, Bael, etc. have been planted. Students and faculties participate enthusiastically.

E-waste Collection:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are considered as the best practices to ensure the protection of the environment with this thought in mind, the cell organises the E-Waste Collection drive every year. The cell collects the E-waste from students and Staff. The collected E-waste is handed over to the collaborated agency for the recycle. 

River Cleanliness Drive:

River being one of the most polluted sources of water in Pune. The cell takes initiative in cleanliness activity in which some part of river is being cleaned every year. This contributes to the conservation of the river and ultimately biodiversity around the same.

Cloth Collection Drive:

The used fabrication is one of the major sources of Dry waste which is majorly non-recyclable and contributes in huge amount in carbon footprint of humans. The cell collects the Old – usable cloths from those who want to throw it away, and pass those collected cloths to the needy people who can’t afford it. 

Cannel Barricading:

Majority of Rural parts in Maharashtra face the problem of water management. We under the cell do the activity of River Cannel Barricading, this helps in channelising the water flow of small streams and cannels and at the end it contributes in the improvement of water table in the area.