NGO Management and NGO Administration

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Unit 1Foundation Of Management And NGO’s  Understanding NGO’s: Meaning, Definition, Concepts, Types, Functions Management: Meaning, Definition, Concepts, Objectives and Functions-, Approaches and Models – Vision, Mission and Goals in NGOs – Role of NGO’s in Community Development05
Unit 2Legal Frame Work For Establishing NGO’s Legal – rational structure of Non-profits: Trusts and Societies with Special reference to Trust and Society Registration Acts- Foreign contributions and Regulation Act (FCRA)  Statutory Obligations- Income Tax Exemption (80-G, 12-A, & 35AC) Rules and Regulation  05
Unit 3Results-Based Management (RBM) and Project Cycle Management (PCM): Introduction and concept of Results-Based Management, Results-Based Management and project planning, The project cycle and Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework analysis.        05
Unit 4Designing and Planning a Project: Projects: Concept, Meaning, Definition and Types, Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Developing Grant Proposals Projects Implementation and Management: Project Planning Matrix – Project Cycle Management – Identification and Formulation of Details Projects Report (DPP) with reference to Action AID and Save the Children- Monitoring and Evaluation (PERT and CPM) – Rural Appraisal (PRA): Tools and Techniques, Identifying and analyzing problems  WOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges) Analysis. ,  05
Unit 5Communication, Leadership Development and Human Resource Management and CSR Activities: Communication: Principles of good communication, Successful negotiations;  Leadership Development: Building and leading a team, Conflict resolution; Human Resource Management: Human resources policy, staffing and salaries, Staff development. Resource Mobilization: Methods and Techniques of Fund Raising – International, National and Local Levels. Concentration areas of CSR – Role of social workers in CSR- National and International CSR activities  05
Unit 6NGO Governance: Linking experience to Best Practice: Governance: Concepts, challenges, perspectives and ethical concerns; Introduction to the Non-profit Sector, Non-profit Organisations, Non-profit Leadership and Governance The roles and responsibilities of Non- profit Boards of Directors within the Governance Process- Good Governance standard codes and accountability; International Organisations, National and Regional organisations, Entrepreneurship in Non-profits Schemes for NGOs under various ministries of Government of India.    05

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