Objectives of the Course: This paper is designed to give the students more exposure to the nature of legal language and the issues related to it in drafting legislations and legal documents. It intends to acquaint the students with advocacy skills so much so to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and to strengthen and enhance their critical thinking. It also introduces the students to logical reasoning and its use in law to set up good arguments.

Subject: Public Policy and Public Administration (BA 0302)

Objectives of the Course: Public Administration as a discipline of study is basically known as the science of ruling and the study of the rulers and the ruled. Traditionally, it covered the study of man in the process of governing himself. Today it is seen as an encyclopedia of governing the people. The main objective of this course is to enable students to understand the basic concepts of administration. It tries to make the students understand the evolution of this subject and its need. It also tries to focus on different approaches to study Public Administration and its various basic concepts.

Subject: Theories of Development and Indian Economy (BA 0303)

Objectives of the Course: The objectives of the course are : (1) To understand the theories of economic growth; (2) To know the important sectors of the Indian Economy; (3) To analyse the various issues of the Indian Economy.

Subject: Society in India (BA 0304)

Objectives of the Course: This course aims to make students understand the plural Indian society. Indian society has regional; religious and linguistic diversity. Social stratification in India is also different than remaining world. To understand the process of social change, social movements and Act and Law; it is essential to know social structure in Indian society. The continuity between the present and the past is an evident feature of Indian society. The sociological perspective on Indian society will help students to gain a better understanding of their own society and the continuity and change in Indian society.

Subject: Law and Literature (CE 0401)

Objectives of the Course: The knowledge of English literature is important for everyone to develop new ideas and ethical standpoints. Therefore, the main object of this paper is to instill human values and concern among students of law through exposure to literary texts. This paper also intends to strengthen the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by using literature and to enable the students to analyze the case laws from the perspective of language.

Subject: International Relations (BA 0402)

Objectives of the Course: This paper deals with concepts and dimensions of international relations. It attempts an analysis of the different theories with a view to highlighting the major debates and differences within the different theoretical paradigms. The dominant theories of power and the question of equity and justice, the different aspects of balance of power leading to the present situation of a unipolar world are included. It focuses on the various aspects of conflict and conflict resolution through collective security and the role of United Nations.

Subject: Law and Economics (BA 0403)

Objectives of the Course: The Objectives of the Course are: (1) To study the relationship between Law and Economics; (2) To know the significance of Economics in Law; (3) To understand the impact of Economics on Law.

Subject: Social Research Methods (BA 0404)

Objectives of the Course: This course aims to introduce basic Sociological approaches to research. It is an attempt to provide an understanding of the research process and techniques of data collection in social research. There are different perspectives and methods of understanding social phenomena. It aims to acquaint the students with the quantitative and qualitative strategies of research. Overall this course aims to introduce scientific method to understand social reality and social phenomena.