Subject: General English (CE 0101)

Objectives of the Course: The purpose of the course is to acquaint the students with the nature of English language and its grammatical concepts. This paper focuses on strengthening the students’ syntactical competence so as to bring quality and correct grammatical constructions in their writing and it is also meant to train them on how to study for various purposes.

Subject: General Principles of Political Science (BA 0102)

Objectives of the Course: This paper focuses on understanding the basic concepts, theories and functioning of State. It tries to enable students to understand the entire gamut of Political Science and its inter-relationship with other disciplines. This paper focuses on creating an understanding of theories of State, its basic concepts and functioning of State and Government. As a final point, the course attempts to make the students aware about the structure, organization and principles of political Parties as a vital element of democratic machinery.

Subject: General Principles of Economics (BA 0103)

Objectives of the Course: The objectives of the course are : (1) To study the basic concepts of economics; (2) To apply the economic reasoning to problems of society; (3) To become conversant with fundamental principles of economics; (4) To expose students of Law to economics.

Subject: General Principles of Sociology (BA 0104)

Objectives of the Course: Sociology is a significant area to study and observe the various ethical, moral and cultural standards and the significant role played by social institutions in regulating the behavioural patterns of individuals in every society. Law also contemplates the same in a different perspective; this introductory paper is intended to acquaint the students with sociology as a social science and the distinctiveness of its approach among the social science. It is organized in such a way that to give an idea to the students of law the Significance of sociology in the society and its impact and relationship on law and the importance of social aspects in law making.

Subject: English for Law (CE 0201)

Objectives of the Course The main objective of this course is to familiarize the students with the correct pronunciations of words and to acquaint them with the role of meanings of words and their interpretation in law. This paper also intends to make the students familiar with the basic idea of law and its nature.

Subject: Political Theories (BA 0202)

Objectives of the Course: This is an introductory paper for the concepts, ideas and ideologies in political theory. It seeks to explain the evolution and usage of these concepts, ideas and theories with reference to individual thinkers both historically and analytically. The different ideological standpoints with regard to various concepts and theories are to be critically explained with the purpose of highlighting the differences in their perspectives and in order to understand their continuity and change. Furthermore, there is a need to emphasize the continuing relevance of these concepts today and explain how ideas and theory of yester years gains prominence in contemporary political theory.

Subject: Macro Economics, Policies and Practice (BA 0203)

Objectives of the Course: The objectives of the course are : (1) To understand the basic concepts of Macro Economics; (2) To study the behaviour of the economy; (3) To know the macroeconomic policies to solve economic problems.

Subject: Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology (BA 0204)

Objectives of the Course: This paper is intended to familiarize the students with the social, political, economic and intellectual contexts in which sociology emerged as a distinctive discipline and has had a significant influence on the legislative frame work law. Its objective is to help students gain an understanding of some of the classical contributions in sociology, and their continuing relevance to its contemporary concerns.