Certificate Course in Intellectual Property Law 

Intellectual Property Rights: Protection and Commercialization

Intellectual Property Rights has gained significant momentum in the last decade. With today’s internet age, humungous growth and usage of mobile applications, IPR continues to play a crucial role in addition to the rising aspect of data privacy.

Modern Law College, Ganeshkhind, Pune is offering a 15 days Certificate Course in “Intellectual Property Rights Law”. The Certificate Course aims to develop the skills, which are required to deal with the legal and practical aspects related to regulation of Intellectual Property regime in India. The program aims to provide practical knowledge pertaining to Intellectual Property field and various requirements under diverse statutes.

Objective of the Course 

  • To familiarize students with the fundamental principles of Intellectual Property law.
  • To provide different conventions and treaties at international level relating to Intellectual Property.
  • To develop awareness about protection and enforcement of different Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To give an insight about the different Intellectual Property registration procedure to provide a deep understanding of the subject.
  • To give knowledge of current Intellectual Property legislation developments in India.

Course Outcome

This course is divided into 5 modules and covers various laws that regulate the Indian intellectual property law in India. This course will cover all of the major components of Intellectual Property like Patents, Trademark, Copyright and Designs.

Participants will be able to answer these critical questions upon completion of the course:

  • What are the various IP protections available?
  • How to protect your intellectual property?
  • How does one apply for registration?
  • Which forms are required to be filled and how does one fill these?
  • What are the various stages of IP registration?
  • On what grounds can the application be rejected? What are remedies available?
  • IPR infringement and legal recourse.

Course Content

  •   Introduction to different facets of Intellectual Property
  • Patents, Patentability & non patentability criteria & Registration procedure 
  •   Trademark, basics and types of trademarks & Registration procedure
  •   Copyright, basics, different subject matter & Registration procedure
  •   Design, basics & Registration procedure
  •   Other Legislative provisions relating to different Intellectual Property 


Sr. No.TopicsSub topics
  1.Introduction to different Intellectual Property What is Intellectual property?Introduction to different facets of Intellectual PropertyFamous cases in Intellectual Property lawInternational Conventions and treaties 
  2.Patent LawPatentability, legal grounds for rejectionPatent registration process – Filing, examination, reply, grant, Opposition and LitigationPatent drafting and claimsInternational Patent StrategyPatent Agent Examination
    3.Trademark LawTrademark  basics & types Filing ProcedureTrademark licensing and assignmentTrademarks agent Examination 
4.Copyright lawIdea vs. ExpressionCopyright as a bundle of rightsRegistration ProcedureInternational Copyright & Treaties
    5.Design lawIntroduction to Designs Protection of  Designs Design v. Copyright Violation of design protection