Modern Law College’s Inter-disciplinary Cell aims for intellectual exploration, fostering connections among students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds. We believe that the convergence of ideas from different domains sparks innovation and enriches problem-solving. From thought-provoking discussions to collaborative projects, we’re dedicated to creating a platform that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and empowers individuals to think beyond traditional confines.

The objectives of the cell:

  1. Promote Intellectual Exploration: The primary objective of the Interdisciplinary Cell is to foster intellectual curiosity and exploration among students and faculty by encouraging them to venture beyond the boundaries of their respective disciplines.
  2. Facilitate Cross-Disciplinary Connections: The cell aims to create a space where students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds can connect and collaborate, bridging the gaps between different areas of expertise.
  3. Spark Innovation: By bringing together ideas from various domains, the cell seeks to stimulate innovation. It believes that the collision of different perspectives can lead to creative solutions and groundbreaking discoveries.
  4. Enrich Problem-Solving: The Interdisciplinary Cell aims to equip individuals with a holistic approach to problem-solving. It seeks to empower them with the ability to tackle complex issues by drawing on knowledge and methodologies from multiple fields.
  5. Nurture Thought-Provoking Discussions: Through seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions, the cell strives to create an environment conducive to thought-provoking discussions on interdisciplinary topics, encouraging critical thinking and debate.
  6. Encourage Collaborative Projects: The cell promotes and supports collaborative projects that involve participants from diverse academic backgrounds. These projects may encompass research, community initiatives, or creative endeavors.
  7. Broaden Perspectives: It is a key objective of the cell to broaden individuals’ perspectives by exposing them to different ways of thinking and problem-solving. This exposure can lead to a more open-minded and adaptable approach to challenges.
  8. Empower Beyond Traditional Boundaries: The Interdisciplinary Cell empowers individuals to think beyond the traditional confines of their disciplines, preparing them to navigate a rapidly changing world where interdisciplinary skills are increasingly valuable.
  9. Create a Sustainable Platform: The cell aims to establish a sustainable platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration within the institution, ensuring that it continues to thrive and benefit future generations of students and faculty.
  10. Foster a Culture of Lifelong Learning: Lastly, the cell strives to instill a culture of lifelong learning by encouraging individuals to continue exploring and integrating knowledge from different fields even after their formal education is complete.

These objectives reflect the vision of the Modern Law College’s Interdisciplinary Cell to serve as a catalyst for intellectual growth, innovation, and meaningful connections among its academic community.

Activities Conducted under the cell:

The Modern Law College’s Interdisciplinary Cell conducts a range of activities to fulfill these objectives, including:

  1. Spell Bee Competition: Promoting language skills and vocabulary enhancement through friendly competitions.
  2. Guest Lectures: Inviting experts from various fields to deliver talks and share their knowledge and experiences.
  3. Extempore/ Elocution Competition: Encouraging spontaneous speaking and quick thinking on interdisciplinary topics.
  4. Yoga Sessions: Fostering holistic well-being and mindfulness among participants.
  5. Interdisciplinary Workshops/ Seminars: Providing hands-on learning experiences that combine knowledge from different fields.
  6. Case Review Presentations: Analyzing and discussing legal cases from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  7. Panel or Group Discussions: Engaging in in-depth conversations on pressing interdisciplinary issues.
  8. Film Screenings and Discussions: Exploring films that touch on interdisciplinary themes and hosting discussions afterward.
  9. Networking Events: Facilitating connections and collaborations among students, faculty, and professionals from various backgrounds.

These activities serve to enrich the academic and personal development of participants while promoting interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration within the institution. Interdisciplinary Cell stands as a guiding light of intellectual exploration and collaboration, dedicated to reshaping traditional boundaries and fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. Through a diverse range of activities, from spell bee competitions to guest lectures, yoga sessions to interdisciplinary workshops, this dynamic platform encourages students and faculty alike to engage in thought-provoking dialogues and collaborative endeavors. As we look to the future, we remain committed to our vision of empowering individuals to think beyond the confines of their disciplines, nurturing a culture of lifelong learning, and providing a sustainable platform for interdisciplinary excellence. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and holistic development, shaping the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. The Interdisciplinary Cell is led by a dedicated team of faculty members who are committed to promoting interdisciplinary learning and collaboration:

  • Asst. Prof. Anita Jadhav
  • Asst. Prof. Chinmay Shete
  • Asst. Prof. Prasenjeet Ranit
  • Asst. Prof. Dhanashree Pati
  • Asst. Prof. Vaishali
  • Dr. Deepti Bhargava

Under the leadership of this esteemed group of faculty members, the Interdisciplinary Cell strives to create an enriching and innovative environment for students and faculty to explore and engage in interdisciplinary pursuits. Their guidance and dedication play a pivotal role in shaping the future of interdisciplinary education at the institution