Modern Law College

Ganeshkhind, Pune



Sr. No Name Designation
01 Dr. Adv. Chintamani Ghate Chairperson
02 Dr. Ananya Bibave Member
03 Dr. Shivanjali Bhoite Member
04 Mr. Prasad Kalbhor Member
05 Mr. Kishor Thombare Member
06 Krishna Aghav Student Member


The teachers should follow code of conduct provided as per Government of Maharashtra, Bar Council of India and approved by Progressive Education Society.

  1. Be concerned and committed to the interests of the students as the foremost aim of the teaching profession is to educate. This attitude should be directed towards the specific needs of each student. Teacher should be dedicated and if necessary, should help the students beyond class hours also.

  2. He shall not prevent any student from expressing his view point although it may differ from that of his own on the contrary, the student should be encouraged. Among other things, a teacher should accept constructive criticism.

  3. He should try to develop an educational environment. Equal treatment should be meted out to all student irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or socio-economic status. There should not be any partiality or vindictive attitude towards any of them.

  4. The teacher should instil a scientific and democratic outlook among his students, making them community oriented, patriotic and broad minded. This is a part of his social responsibility.

  5. Above all a teacher should conform to the ethos of his profession and act in a dignified manner. He should keep in mind that society has entrusted him with their children.

  6. It may be conceded that learning has no end. It is imperative that a teacher continuously updates himself in his field and other related ones in order to upgrade himself and the student community. He must also aquaint himself with recent methodologies and other applications.

  7.  A teacher must, alongside teaching, pursue research as innovation contributes to the continuous progress and development of a subject. He should involve himself in seminars and workshops, faculty development Programme, orientation Programme to improve their knowledge.

  8.  Developing new teaching strategies and curriculum as well as planning for an upgraded academic system should be integral part of his professional duties.

  9. The teacher will have to carry out the Institution’s educational responsibilities such as conducting activities like Moot Competitions, college seminars, Legal Aid Camps, Internship activity, other administrative work and so on. He should also be participating in extra-curricular activities of the College as in sports, extension activities and cultural programmes. This will generate a holistic development and a congenial relationship with the students.

  10. Teachers must maintain ethical behaviour in professional practice by accurately representing certifications and other qualifications.

  11. Honesty should not be compromised in research. Plagiarism is an evil that cannot be accepted at any cost.


Administrative Staff

  1. Administrative staff should maintain all the records, confidential reports of the departments, the personal files of teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. Also, it should be kept confidential by staff members working with this department.
  2. Administrative staff also takes additional responsibilities if requires as assigned by Principal of college.


  1. Accountant should prepare accounts, tax and tax returns, with ensuring compliance with payments, reporting and other tax requirement.
  2. Accountant should prepare and analyse accounting records and financial reports of the Institute.
  3. Accountant should provide all required accounting documents and financial statements for yearly accounting audits
  4. Accountant should provide all required accounting documents and financial statements for various committees of the Institute
  5. Accountant should report to the principal of the Institute regarding financial status of college at regular interval.
  6. Accountant also takes additional responsibilities if requires as assigned by Principal of institute


  1. Clerk should prepare service books of all teaching and non-teaching staff of institute
  2. Clerk should perform clerical activities of institute to support Principal, teaching staff and administrative staff
  3. Clerk should give answer and respond to students regarding their attendance, fees, and academics
  4. 4. Clerk should assist to the principal for running the institute successfully as take additional responsibilities if requires an assigned by Principal of institute. 


1. Peon should report to institute half an hour before the institute timing
2. Peon should maintain and manage premises neat, clean and hygienic condition
3. Peon should do all work assigned by head of the department and other staff members
4. Peon should not leave the office until and unless the higher authority permits.

Professional conduct for all

1. All Non-Teaching Staff should responsible for proper use and maintenance of college infrastructure and equipment and furniture
2. All Non-Teaching Staff often has access to confidential information regarding examination and other matters relating to other staff, through official records. It is expected that they respect the confidentiality of such matters.
3. The Non-Teaching Staff shall not make any discrimination on basis of gender, caste or religion.
4. Non-Teaching Staff should give due respect to the decisions made by the Institute authorities.
5. Any matter or dispute if any should be settled amicably and not through antagonistic behaviour, as the progress of an institution depend upon mutual goodwill and trust
6. They should avail the leave with prior intimation and as per the rules of Progressive Education society.

Code of Conduct for Students:

Rules & Regulations

● Law courses taught in the college are Professional Courses and Students must dress appropriately for the same.

● Shorts, short tops, short skirts and Bermudas are not allowed.

● Teachers’ instructions in this respect shall be followed

● Dress code for Girls 

  • Black and White Salwar Kameez
  •  White Sarees

● Dress code for boys

  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirts

● Students must wear Identity cards at all times while in campus.
● Use of Mobile Phones in restricted areas is prohibited.

BAN on Smoking, the Sale and Consumption of Tobacco & Alcoholie Drinks in College premises:

Smoking, the Sell and Consumption of Tobacco & Alcoholic Drinks within the College premises and 100 meters radius beyond the college premises is strictly prohibited. Any person indulging in such activity is subject to suitable disciplinary action as per the existing laws.

Ban on Ragging:

Strict action as per the law will be taken against students indulged in ragging in the College
premises. Every student is required to submit online affidavit in this regard.

Organ Donation:

College has taken efforts for the purpose of awareness with respect to Organ Donation. College is
ready and willing to provide all assistance in this regard.