Progressive Education Society’s Modern Law College, Ganeshkhind, Pune, has been imparting quality legal education since 2003. The vision statement of Progressive Education Society- “Be Knowledgeable,” has been well received and attained at an enormous scale by this College. The institution has made its mark in a nascent stage among P. E. Society’s many colleges. It is among the top law colleges in the city, moving further at lightning speed towards becoming a world-renowned institution in imparting legal education.

It gives me immense pride to state that this College has consolidated its identity in the field of legal education as an eminent Institution. It has critically applied the maxims- “Lex Facit Regem”- Supremacy of Law even over the king, and “lgnorantia legis Neminem Excusat”- Ignorance of Law is never an excuse. These two maxims have been our guiding principles while teaching Law. This College has always strived to impart an education that empowers the students to practice Law, thereby providing the country with ethically and morally sound lawyers with an acute understanding of the Law.

It was a proud moment when the College was approved as a Ph.D. research center and a new course B.B.A.LLB was introduced. The Research Centre of the College, MLRC, and the FLAG- Free Legal Aid Group initiative provides legal aid to those who cannot afford it. The College also dishes out legal advice and articles relating to Law in the “Modern Lex Litera” and a Quarterly Newsletter.

Modern Law College has always aimed to provide the students with placement opportunities and interaction with eminent lawyers through National & International Level Seminars, Webinars, and Guest Lectures. These initiatives include renowned lawyers with Modern Law College as their alma mater. The College makes sure that the Lawyers who contribute to society are pre-equipped with all the necessary skills for success. Another step towards this goal is the ‘Per-Meditatus, a program for grooming the students and providing them training in communication and professional skills.

As prospective lawyers, we foster a sense of social responsibility, which reflects in the Vasundhara Movement’ in the College under Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR). The program drives awareness about the environment and allows students to raise their voices against social malice and recommend solutions. The values of social awareness are imbibed in the students by various activities in the NSS Camp. Also, the College has adopted a village for three years. This venture includes a cleanliness drive. There is awareness about the village’s various government policies, schemes, and medical opportunities. This drive also ventures to help the ordinary villagers assert their rights against those who violate and take undue advantage of their ignorance. Camps are also taken for them. Street plays creating awareness regarding socially relevant issues are also performed by the students.

To facilitate students in the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made efforts to combine the theory and practice of Law online effectively. The classroom teaching is supported by moot courts, legal aid, legal literacy, and legal research, introducing students to court crafts and exposing them to social realities.

The College nurtures a long-term relationship with its students by creating an active alumni association long after graduation. The Office bearers of the Modern Law Alumni Association are very keen and are constantly striving to provide new ideas to the College for the benefit of the existing students. Thus, under the able guidance of the Principal, Dr. Sunita Adhav, and the entire teaching and non-teaching staff, I am confident that the College will continue to excel and set new benchmarks for success because, for an educational institution, the sky is the limit.


Progressive Education Society, Pune