The Cultural Unit of Modern Law College is responsible for all the cultural events in the college around the year. The Cultural unit strives to bring out the hidden talent of the students of the college. It is the place where students can showcase their talent. It helps to discover their skills and talents. Cultural events include competitions such as instrumental, singing, dance, etc. Every year this club organizes activities such as Dance, Singing, Skits, Play, a food festival, and a Rangoli competition. The cultural club also celebrates festivals such as Holi, Republic Day, Lohri, etc. which creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Cultural Committee

  1. Principal – Dr. Ananya Bibave
  2. Cultural Coordinator – Asst. Prof. Prasenjeet Ranit
  3. Cultural Student Coordinator – Ms. Vedashree More


  • To respect and appreciate cultural diversity.
  • To celebrate a positive understanding of the different cultures across the wider community.
  • To promote the development of culturally responsible and responsive curricula.
  • To facilitate the acquisition of the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to function in various cultures.
  • To involve and cooperate with as many cultures, groups, and individuals as possible, thereby helping to eliminate barriers to social cohesion and inclusion.
  • To achieve social, political, economic, and educational equity.


The objective is to instill in students’ cultural sensitivities and sensibilities by conducting various collaborative activities. Students are encouraged to showcase their cultural art forms and learn about others simultaneously. The club offers an environment for students to acknowledge and respect each other’s differences and similarities and thrive together harmoniously.

The organizing and managing of events at the institutional level will help students develop a feeling of camaraderie among them and infuse leadership qualities in them. Students will be able to explore the creative, aesthetic, and unique sides of their personalities.

Landmark activities 

  1. Rangoli Competition – Rangoli is a fabulous hand drawing art, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on the floor using materials such as colors, diyas, flower petals, glitters, etc. It is a way to express imagination. This competition is organized to promote creativity among students.
  2. Traditional Day (Saree and Tie Day) – The Traditional Day is celebrated to promote “Unity in diversity “which is based on the concept where that individual or social differences in physical attributes, skin color, castes, creed, cultural and religious practices, etc. are not looked upon as a conflict. Rather, these differences are looked upon as varieties that enrich society and the nation as a whole. This day is celebrated to promote cultural awareness.
  3. Food Festival – Food Festivals throughout the world are often based on traditional farming techniques, and seasons Food festivals are related to the food culture of an area, whether through the preparation of food served or the time in which the festival is celebrated. This event is organized as a means of uniting communities for strengthening a cultural heritage.
  4. Workshop on Perfume Making – With these workshops and events, we aim to discover, share, and create the emotions educationally raised by perfumes and fragrances. This event is organized to promote aesthetic sense.
  5. Back to School Days- Running back-to-school day events is a real challenge and fun at the same time. The objective of the event is to provide a platform where students get opportunities to show off their creative talent.
  6. Halloween Day – Halloween’s origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, which was held on November 1 in contemporary calendars. It was believed that on that day, the souls of the dead returned to their homes, so people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits. The objective of the event is to sensitize us about the rituals and rituals bring harmony as well as keep us united.
  7. Vidhirang – As the name suggests VidhiRang is a fest that depicts knowledge and color it means this is a fest in which everyone is welcome to show their talents and various color of their life. VidhiRang is a state-level fest that was started in the year 2020. VidhiRang 1.0 was a one-week event held in February 2020. Despite being our first event, we had more than 120 teams participating in various events. VidhiRang 1.0 was sponsored by more than 15 entities and they also had an opportunity to set up their stalls on the college premises which benefited them in creating new customers. VidhiRang is broadly categorized into three events namely Academic, Cultural, and Sports.
  8. Vidhirang 2.0 happened post covid pandemic in the month of May 2022. It was and huge event because students got to gather after a long period of confined pandemic lockdown. Many competitions like dance, singing, academics, and sports took place through this Cultural week of Vidhirang 2.0.

 The students of Modern Law College have represented the College in various Cultural events at State and National levels. Some of the achievements of the students are as follows:

  1. Gaurav Sunil Dahale was awarded Suvarnalaksh Rashtriya Krida Pursakar by Major Dhyanchand Kendriya Parishad.
  2. Aastha Taware was the Runner in Essay Competition Pinnacle, 13 Inter Law Collegiate Festival, Pune.
  3. Anusha Tiwari, and Shreya Sawant won the Group Dance competition Best Memorial Pinnacle, 13 Inter Law Collegiate Festival, Pune.
  4. Shreya More, Prajakta Waikar, Tanaya Wadkar, Shradha More, Hrishikesh Patil, Chinmay Akkandkar, Saurabh S. Patil, Akshay Pokharkar, Viraj Joshi won Street Play , Pinnacle, 13 Inter Law Collegiate Festival, Pune.
  5. Shreya More, Devanshi Shah, Siddhika Kosamkar, Vaishnavi Kashyap, Chaitrali Memane, Aadesh Dhadve, Viraj Joshi, Siddhant Udwant, Harshali Soni won Group Dance Pinnacle, 13 Inter Law Collegiate Festival, Pune.
  6. Recently, in September 2022, our students participated in the “Swar Rang – Intercollegiate Youth Festival – Savitribai Phule Pune University” in Group Dance, Solo dance, Skit performance, and singing. Among this, our Skit performing team secured 3rd position.
  7. Sanika Sonawane, Prashika, Akshaya, Sumedh, Astha, and Bhakti won 2nd prize at the Aikyam Law Fest conducted by ILS in the year 2022-23.
  8. Mukta Bhise won 1st prize at “Swar Rang – Intercollegiate Youth Festival – Savitribai Phule Pune University”.