January 2023

Modern Law College participated in G20 Summit Jan Bhagidari Event: Lecture on Making Cities Future Ready organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)

Modern Law College participated in the G20 Summit Jan Bhagidari Event on Making Cities Future Ready, held at SPPU’s Sant Namdev Auditorium on January 14, 2023. The event featured prominent guests, including Shri. Solomon Arokiaraj (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance), Mr. Virendra Singh (Adviser, Ministry of Finance), Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Khare (Director, International Centre, SPPU), Smt. Shalini Aggarwal (Municipal Commissioner, Surat), and Shri. Sanjay Grover (Urban Expert, Asian Development Bank).

Shri. Solomon Arokiaraj, Joint Secretary, discussed India’s privilege of holding the G20 presidency and emphasized strategies for building future-ready cities. Mr. Virendra Singh elaborated on the functioning of G-20, its approach, and the role of student engagement in enhancing India’s global influence.

Mrs. Shalini Agarwal, Municipal Commissioner of Surat, addressed the challenges faced by rural and urban areas and highlighted areas requiring attention for societal progress. Shri. Sanjay Grover emphasized the significance of urban development.

In concluding remarks, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Karbhari V Kale stressed the importance of women’s empowerment, a multilingual approach for improved engagement, and youth inclusion in making India a global power. The lectures were followed by an interactive session with the audience. The event engaged 35 students from various law programs and was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Deepti Bhargava, with mentoring by Vice Principal Dr. Ananya Bibave and Principal Dr. Sunita Adhav. The students actively participated in the event.

February 2023

Report on Per Meditatus Certificate Course

PES’s Modern Law College organized a 30-hour “Per Meditatus Certificate Course” aimed at improving language skills and professional etiquette for first-year B.A.LL.B and B.B.A LL.B students. The course took place from February 28, 2023, to March 18, 2023, with two-hour sessions held over 15 days.

Ms. Sukanya Garg, an Assistant Professor from Modern College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, served as the resource person and focused on developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing (LSRW) skills. The course included exercises such as small talk, group discussions, public speaking, debate, report writing, notices and email drafting, negotiation skills, and presentation skills.

The course was highly interactive, with students actively participating in mock sessions and discussions. Ms. Garg emphasized the importance of language skills in both professional careers and personal development.

On the final day, all 129 registered students took a two-hour online examination. The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Deepti Bhargava, and feedback was collected by Mr. Prasenjeet Ranit, the Assistant Professors of English. The efforts of the resource person and the English subject teachers were appreciated by the Coordinator,(Adv) Dr. Chintamani Ghate, and the Principal (I/C) Dr. Ananya Bibave.

On the final day, all 129 registered students took a two-hour online examination. The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Deepti Bhargava, and feedback was collected by Mr. Prasenjeet Ranit, the Assistant Professors of English. The efforts of the resource person and the English subject teachers were appreciated by the Coordinator,(Adv) Dr. Chintamani Ghate, and the Principal (I/C) Dr. Ananya Bibave.



14th & 15th February, 2023

A Two Day “National Workshop on Implementation of National Education Policy 2020was conducted on 14th& 15th February 2023.The workshop was inaugurated by offering flowers to Saraswati ji by the dignitaries namely Dr.Adv. Chintamani Ghate, Dr.Sunita Adhav (Principal), along with the resource persons Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar,& Dr. Kesava Rao .

The Workshop was conducted in two sessions i.e Morning and Afternoon session. Workshop was on Offline Mode.

Day I – Session I

The Session I was conducted by Dr.Pandit Vidyasagar Dr.Deepti Bhargava introduced the profile of  Dr. Vidyasagar  to the participants. Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar  enlightened the Faculty and Research Scholar on various emerging policies of NEP 2020 . Dr.Vidyasagar The Former Vice-Chancellor Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded Dr. Vidyasagar highlighted the concept of National Education Policy, He said education is Universal . Learning is more important than teaching  Further he said we have to change the Mentality of parents. He given suggestions like Government has to take steps and teachers will take the challenges.

Resource Person -2

Dr.Kesava Rao Explained of MERU Means Multidisciplinary Educational Research University according to him faculty development program is very important . Internationalisation should be there our institute branches will be out side . He spoke  A – Access, B- Bilineal , C- cluster, D- dual degree, E – equity, F- F.D.P., G- Governance, H- Holistic . Name of degree is not important.

Session II

Resource Person -3

Dr. Parag Kalkar he told what is the role of stakeholder for the responsible citizen we need to be educated, if we want vishvaguru we need good education .Legal knowledge is required in every field. Holistic approach should be there.

Day II – Session  -I

Resource Person -1

Dr.Rajendra Kumbhar  spoke about Teachers capacity building The emphasis of  sir was to adopt innovative teaching & assessment methods. Further he explained how to Read he said reading should be Deep ,Slow And Distraction free.

Resource Person -2

Dr. Abhijeet Dhere

Resource Person -3

Dr. Payal Thaorey , Madam touched the Multidisciplinary approach in Legal Education. She said Law is Omni present subject. She gave the statement There is Law govern by world & there is world govern by Law.

Session III

Resource Person -4

Dr. Vanisree Ramanathan , Madam talked about Relation between Technology and Education. She explained what is the important role of digitalization in education sector and NEP.


In this Workshop College got tremendous response. Total 73 participants registered 18 participants from out of Maharashtra,15 participants from out of university of pune, 40 participants were within the SPPU Pune.

The session ended with a vote of thanks to the esteemed speakers by Asst. Prof. Aditi Mishra and floor was opened to questions by the Academician and researcher. The event was hosted by Dr. Deepti Bhargava. This Two Days Workshop Implementation of National Education Policy 2020 facilitated the insightful addresses delivered by the renowned Resource person. This two-Day workshop has paved the way to understand the implementation of the policy. The NEP aims at transforming the Indian education system to meet the needs of 21 century.

March 2023

9th DAF Karandak

State Level Inter-Collegiate Street Play Competition

PES’s Modern Law College, Pune in Association with Board of Students Development, Savitribai Phule Pune University organized an 9th DAF Karandak state level inter- collegiate competition on 11th March 2023. 13 teams, from all over the Maharashtra, participated in the competition. Asst. Prof. Swamiraj Bhise (Shardabai Pawar Mahila ACS College, Pune) and Adv. Ritesh Patil (District and Session Court, Pune) judged the competition.

The reporting time for participants was 8am.  The anchoring was done by NSS volunteers Sanika Bhoite and Sheyas Kashid. The judges were felicitated by Principal Dr. Ananya Bibave. Then The Principal addressed the participants.  Asst. Professor Vikas Waghmare Introduced the DAF Karandak to the Participants. The competition was started at 9:30 am.

After all the street plays, the Prize Distribution ceremony was conducted in MOOT Court hall. Asst. Professor Vikas Waghmare announced the winners. The Trophy, Certificates and Cash Prize was given by the Principal and the judge.  The list of  participants is as follows:

  1. Fergusson College (Autonomous) Pune (G-1)
  2. N B N School of Engineering , Pune (G-2)
  3. Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune (G-3)
  4. Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School, Pune (G-4)
  5. Yashwantrao Chavan Law College, Pune (G-6)
  6. Modern College, Ganeshkhind, Pune (G-7)
  7. Sinhagad College of Engineering (G-8)
  8. IMED Bharti Vidyapeeth Pune (G-9)
  9. Smt. Kashibai Nawale College, Pune (G-10)
  10. NSS SPPU (G-11)
  11. Modern College of Pharmacy, Pune (G-12)
  12. Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune (G-13)
  13. RSS’s Dadapatil Mahavidyalay, Karjat (G-15)

The list of winners is as follows:

  1. Winner:  NBN School of Engineering, Pune 5000/- Cash Prize, Trophy, Certificates.
  2.  Runner Up– Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School, Pune 3000/- Cash Prize, Trophy, Certificates
  3. 2 Runner Up- Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune 2000/- Cash Prize, Trophy, Certificates

The vote of thanks was given by Asst. Professor Vikas Waghmare.

Guest Lecture on “Awareness sessions on Cooperation and Cooperatives”

Modern Law College organized a guest lecture on the topic of “Awareness on Cooperation and Cooperatives” on March 20, 2023. The guest lecturer, Dr. Jyotsna Dhavle, Head of the Center for Gender Studies at Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (VAMNICOM) in Pune, brought her extensive 36-plus years of experience in the cooperative sector to the discussion.

The objective of the awareness program was to educate faculty members about the vital role and contributions of Cooperative Societies in nation-building, serving as a vital link to grassroots communities. The program highlighted the history and post-independence contributions of cooperative societies in India, particularly how they have positively impacted craftsmen, artisans, and farmers by harnessing their skills. Cooperatives have played a significant role in improving the economic conditions of rural communities by providing monetary support for their products and involving them in nation-building activities.

During the program, Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Director of Coop Connect, and Ms. Anuradha, Public Relations Officer, delivered presentations on Cooperative Societies in India, their growth, future prospects, and the engagement of youth in cooperation, respectively. The ultimate aim was to encourage youth to participate in cooperatives, creating employment opportunities for them.

Following the session, faculty members and teachers visited the incubation center, designed for training youth in various skills for self-employment, and a display center featuring handmade products for sale. All attendees received certificates of participation from the National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI), a flagship unit of the Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India.

VAMNICOM, an institute under the aegis of the National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT), is dedicated to training, research, and consultancy for cooperative personnel across the country. They conduct awareness sessions for college students, providing information on the history of cooperatives, cooperative values, government emphasis on their revival, and future opportunities for youth. These sessions aim to address the lack of awareness about the cooperative enterprise model, particularly among the younger generation. It is noted that the absence of the cooperative model in curriculums worldwide is a significant barrier to raising awareness about cooperatives and their benefits.

The Moments of the Day


Modern Law College organized a six-day educational visit for 42 students from March 24 to March 29, 2023, to enhance their practical knowledge and understanding of legislative and judicial processes. The visit included stops at the Parliament, Akshardham Temple, Supreme Court of India, Rashtrapati Museum, Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Attari Border, and the Golden Temple.

The itinerary commenced with a visit to the Parliament, where students learned about its functioning. At Akshardham Temple, they explored the concept of Dharma, with a restriction on mobile phones.

The highlight of the trip was an academic visit to the Supreme Court of India on March 25, 2023. This visit aimed to provide BALLB and LLB students with a deeper understanding of the court’s operations and boost their confidence in handling Supreme Court-related matters.

Following the Supreme Court visit, students gathered at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum on March 25, which showcased the legacy of Indian Presidents and the freedom struggle’s history. The tour ended with an interactive session on Mahatma Gandhi’s life.

On March 26, the students visited the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, gaining historical knowledge. Subsequently, they traveled to Amritsar and witnessed the “Beating the Retreat” ceremony at Attari Border on March 27, 2023.

The next day, students explored Amritsar, visited Jallianwala Bagh, and finally arrived at the Golden Temple, a significant Sikh Gurudwara. On March 29, students returned to Pune, concluding the enriching journey with fond memories and a deepened understanding of India’s cultural and legal heritage.


Progressive Education Society’s Modern Law College organized an event on 8th March 2023, in college campus to recognize the efforts put up by women towards the society & institute. In recognition of women who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation and response; to honor their leadership and contribution towards a sustainable future the event showcased importance of women in the society.

The event was filled with joyous moments as all the female teaching and non- teaching staff along with female students graced the event with their valuable presence.  At the outset of program Principal, Dr. Ananya Bibave gave a short speech on Women’s Day and everyone present was enlightened by the same.

To indulge everyone, various fun activities and fun games were conducted.

Photographs of Event:

April 2023

Report :Book Reading Club

On April 24, 2023, Progressive Education Society’s Modern Law College (PES) hosted the inaugural ceremony of the Book Reading Club, a significant event graced by notable dignitaries. The Honorable Visitor of PES’s Modern Law College, Dr. P.G. Dixit, along with Respected Principal Dr. Ananya Bibave and Vice Principal Dr. Shivanjali Bhoite, marked the occasion.

Dr. P.G. Dixit inaugurated the Book Reading Club, coinciding with World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, 2023. He introduced new fictional books to the college library to celebrate this occasion and underscored the club’s mission: fostering reading habits and broadening readers’ literary tastes. In his address, Dr. Dixit emphasized the importance of reading as a crucial receptive skill. He shared personal anecdotes and stressed the necessity of extensive reading for effective writing. He quoted Francis Bacon, stating that books vary in how they should be consumed, from a mere taste to thorough digestion. Dr. Dixit’s own achievement of authoring 105 books was

attributed to his meticulous reading—each book was scrutinized 65 times, illustrating the diligence required to master the art of writing.

Following Dr. Dixit’s speech, Principal Dr. Ananya Bibave explained the Book Club’s objectives and shed light on World Book and Copyright Day, celebrated internationally on April 23 to promote publishing, reading, and protecting intellectual property rights. She noted that this date was chosen due to significant literary figures like William Shakespeare, Garcilaso de la Vega, and Miguel de Cervantes sharing birth and death anniversaries on April 23.

Dr. Bibave commended the efforts of Club In-charge, Dr. Sunita Mane, and Dr. Deepti Bhargava for their contributions to fostering a culture of reading.

Subsequently, Dr. Sunita Mane, the librarian, provided an overview of the club and outlined various planned activities for students. The inaugural activity involved students presenting book reviews, sharing insights about their favorite books and why they deserve admiration. Seven students participated in this engaging Book Review Session. The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Deepti Bhargava, expressing gratitude to all faculty, staff, and students for their enthusiastic participation in the book review session. It was a day dedicated to celebrating the joy of reading and

why they deserve admiration. Seven students participated in this engaging Book Review Session.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Dr. Deepti Bhargava, expressing gratitude to all faculty, staff, and students for their enthusiastic participation in the book review session. It was a day dedicated to celebrating the joy of reading and encouraging literary exploration among the college community.

Report on Webinar on Importance of IP Protection on occasion of World Intellectual Property Day 26th April 2023

Intellectual Property is the creative work of the human intellect. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), rights granted to the creators, owners for the use of human intellect in creating the works in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic domains.  On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day which is celebrated on 26th April, P.E.S’s Modern Law College has organized a Webinar on Importance of IP Protection.

On this occasion Dr. Ananya Bibave, Principal, has given introductory Speech. She talked about the importance of Protection of Intellectual Property. She also explained about Innovatia –IPR Cell which is primarily focuses on the promotion of the importance of the Intellectual Property at educational institutes, and in the economic development of the country.  Asst. Prof. Archana Deshpande (Trademark Attorney) was the resource person to deliver the lecture. She explained what are patents, how patent

applications are filed with patent office taking into consideration the jurisdiction. She also described the importance of patent protection with the help of few local applications to which patents are issued. She also explained concept of copyright, trademark, geographical indication, industrial designs, trade secret, Semi integrated circuit layout designs and their respective procedure of protection. She also elucidated importance of IP protection through IP fact sheet.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Ananya Bibave Madam. Total 34 participants from different institutions of PE society were attended and benefitted by this workshop.


Report of Lex Opus 2022-23

18 April 2023 to 21 April 2023

Modern Law College has organized a Lecture Series under the Competitive Examination Cell- Lex Opus from 18 April 2023 to 21 April 2023 under this college organized lectures on various subjects like Judiciary , Banking, Litigation etc. It ended on the Civil Services day ie. 21st April. Lex Opus inaugurated by offering flowers to Saraswati ji by the dignitaries and  Dr.Ananya Bibave  (Principal) along with the resource persons.

The Resource persons were welcomed and felicitated by Dr.Ananya Bibave  (Principal)

 Day -1 Judiciary

               Resource person – Ms. Mayuri Kadam Selected JMFC (M.H.)

She explained how to prepare for the judiciary exam and what is the process of the exam. She said focus on your goal and you will get success. She told her experience of preparation as well and shared some of her strategies for success and endurance.

Day -2 Civil Service

              Recourse person – Mr.Shrinivas Patil , Coach Civil Services Pune

He explained what is the role of civil servants in our society and how it is important for our nation as a whole. 

Civil services exams are very difficult but he explained how to make the process easy for preparation. He shared his own insights about the same. He elaborately explained about the UPSC, MPSC and SSC exams during his lecture.

 He explained various steps and smart techniques for study.

Day -3 Litigation

                Recourse person – Mr. Siddharth  Agarwal, High Court Advocate

He starts the session by telling about  how to present oneself in the courtroom. He gave the brief insight about relation between the Advocates and judge. He told Advocates should be well behaved and well mannered in court. He discussed how to face the court room problems and argue logically. 

Day -4 Banking

           Resource person – Mr. Ashish Khobragade , Manager R.B.I. Mumbai He started his lecture by sharing his experience in the apex bank, RBI. Being a manager he gave insightful information about various processes and opportunities in working the RBI . He explained how to prepare and crack the exam. Students should always focus on their goal as he rightly suggested.


ModernLaw College had organized a One day workshop on Unfair Labour Practices in India for the students of Modern Law College on 12th April 2023. Adv. Shrikant Malegoankar and Adv. Dr. S.S Dahiwal sir were invited as resource persons for the workshop. Assistant Professor Shital Satalkar introduced the resource persons of the day.  Both of the resource persons were felicitated by the Principal of the Modern Law College Dr. Ananya Bibave Madam. After that in the first session of the workshop Mr Shrikant Malegoankar enlightened the student of the topic of the workshop. And in the second session of the workshop Dr. Adv. S. S. Dahiwal sir addressed the students. Vote of thanks was presented by Assistant Professor Shital Satalkar. Around 60 students were present for the Workshop.

May 2023

Inter-disciplinary Cell


On Case Review Presentation

PES’s Modern Law College’s Inter-disciplinary Cell organized a Case Review Presentation on May 20, 2023, to commemorate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and Anti-Terrorism Day. These days celebrate cultural diversity and peace. The event featured presentations on cases representing India’s cultural diversity, with students summarizing the cases, presenting judgments, and sharing lessons learned. Judges for the event were Mr. Kaustubh Ghate and Ms. Shital Satalkar. The Vice Principal, Dr. Shivanjali Bhoite, encouraged students to review case judgments thoroughly. The winners were Sanika Bhoite (1st position), Harjot Singh (2ndposition), and Parshvi Chopra (3rd position). The event was coordinated by Dr. Deepti Bhargava, anchored by Ms. Yamini Deshmukh, and attended by students on a holiday.

Report of One Day Training Program(Non-Teaching Staff)


“Effective Communication Technique”

A training program titled “Effective Communication Technique” was conducted at PES Modern Law College on May 9, 2023, to enhance communication skills among staff and improve student satisfaction. Effective communication is essential for educational institutions, given the staff’s role as stakeholders. The program, introduced by Asst. Prof. Archana Deshpande, featured Dr. Sadhana Natu and Ms. Nashome Crasto as resource persons.

Dr. Sadhana Natu, specializing in clinical psychology, social psychology, and gender psychology, and Head of UG & PG Department of Psychology at Modern College, Pune, led the first session. Ms. Nashome Crasto, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Modern College Ganeshkhind Autonomous, conducted the second session. Both resource persons were introduced by Asst. Prof. Archana Deshpande.

The program focused on “Effective Communication Technique” with an emphasis on communication between students and staff. It addressed conflict resolution, assertiveness, and active listening skills to prevent misunderstandings, build trust, and enhance team morale. Stress management techniques were also discussed to promote a balanced and stress-free work environment, including breathing exercises.

Asst. Prof. Archana Deshpande concluded the program with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the resource persons, college management, organizers, and participants for their support in making the training a success.

Report of One Day Training Program(Teaching Staff)


“Management of Mental Health in Professional Life”

PES Modern Law College in Pune recognized the importance of mental health in the workplace and organized a one-day training program for teaching staff on “Management of Mental Health in Professional Life” on May 11, 2023. The program aimed to address mental health issues for those with existing concerns, those at risk, and the entire workforce.

Asst. Prof. Archana Deshpande introduced the training program and welcomed the resource persons and the audience.

In the first session, Dr. Sadhana Natu, Associate Professor and Head of UG & PG Department of Psychology at Modern College, Pune, shared insights on managing mental health in professional life. She discussed strategies for professionalism, emphasized the importance of academic expectations, and highlighted the value of research and consultancy.

In the second session, Ms. Nashome Crasto, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Modern College Ganeshkhind Autonomous, focused on managing mental health in the workplace, particularly for teachers. She provided tips and tricks for addressing challenges and caring for one’s mental health.

The program concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Asst. Prof. Prajakta Bhagwat, expressing gratitude to Dr. Sadhana Natu, Ms. Nashome Crasto, college leadership, organizers, coordinators, resource persons, and participants for their cooperation and support, making the workshop a success.

June 2023

Report :National Reading Day

PES, Modern Law College, organized the National Book Reading Day on the occasion of death anniversary of Late Sri. P. N. Panicker, Father of the Library Movement in Kerala, on 24 June 2023.

On this occasion, students are participating to read various Fictional and Non-fictional books. The main objectives to conduct Reading activity to develop the habits of reading of fictional and non-fictional literature, also they have to know the college out of syllabus collection of books. They have to inculcate reading habits and to improve their vocabulary. 

Dr. Sunita Mane – the Librarian given an overview of the Late Sri. P.N. Panicker, Father of the Library Movement in Kerala, The activities of the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham that he initiated triggered a popular cultural movement in Kerala which produced universal literacy in the state in the 1990s.

Panicker led the formation of  Thiruvithaamkoor Granthasala Sangham (Travancore Library Association) in 1945 with 47 rural libraries. The slogan of the organization was ‘Read and Grow’. Later on, with the formation of Kerala State in 1956, it became Kerala Granthasala Sangham (KGS). He traveled to the villages of Kerala proclaiming the value of reading. He succeeded in bringing some 6,000 libraries into this network. Grandhasala Sangham won the ‘Krupsakaya Award’ from UNESCO in 1975. Panicker was the General Secretary of Sangham for 32 years, until 1977, when it was taken over by the State Government. It became the Kerala State Library Council, with an in-built democratic structure and funding.

The event culminated by Vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Deepti Bhargava. All the students enjoyed the book reading session and promise to improve the reading habits.

Report on International Yoga Day at PES’s Modern Law College, Pune

PES’s Modern Law College in Pune celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21, 2023, with active participation from both faculty members and students. The event took place in a serene environment within the college premises, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Ananya Bibave, the Principal, addressed the significance of yoga, emphasizing its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. She shared personal experiences and encouraged students to embrace yoga for overall well-being. The yoga session, led by instructors, included various poses suitable for all fitness levels, along with breathing exercises and meditation. The event fostered unity and mindfulness among the college community, highlighting yoga’s transformative power. Future wellness initiatives are anticipated within the college community.

July- 2023

Report of Extempore Competition – Mooting, Oratory, and Debating Club (MOD)

PES’s Modern Law College’s Mooting, Oratory, and Debating Club organized an Extempore Competition on July 11, 2023, with 35 participants from various law programs. The event aimed to enhance spontaneous speaking skills, critical thinking, and effective communication.

The event began with a felicitation ceremony honoring the Principal, Vice Principal, and judges. A club member delivered a welcome address, emphasizing the importance of the competition. The anchor explained the event format, including topic selection, time limits, and feedback.

Participants selected topics randomly and had three minutes to deliver an extemporaneous speech, testing their quick thinking and presentation abilities. Judges provided constructive feedback after each presentation.

Student volunteers played crucial roles, with one as an anchor, another as a timekeeper, and two as reporters capturing key points of each speech.

The competition provided a platform for participants to showcase their extemporaneous speaking skills, fostering critical thinking and effective communication. The event ended with a formal vote of thanks to all involved.