Mooting Oratory and Debating (MOD) Club

The Mooting Oratory and Debating (MOD) Club at Modern Law College is a dynamic and vibrant platform that empowers law students to refine their advocacy, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. As a cornerstone of our academic and extracurricular activities, MOD Club fosters an environment where budding legal minds can engage in stimulating debates, participate in moot court competitions, and craft persuasive arguments. Through regular meetings, workshops, and mock trials, our members not only enhance their understanding of legal principles but also develop the art of articulation and persuasion. Moreover, MOD Club provides a supportive community for students to grow as confident and effective communicators, essential attributes for a successful legal career. Whether you aspire to be a litigator negotiator, or simply seek to refine your communication prowess, the MOD Club is the ideal platform to nurture your talents and thrive in the world of law and advocacy.

Object of the Club: –

  1. Skills Development: To provide a platform for students to develop and enhance their advocacy, public speaking, and critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in the field of law and various professions.
  2. Confidence Building: To foster a sense of confidence and self-assurance in students, enabling them to effectively communicate their ideas and opinions in a public forum.
  3. Legal Education: To promote a deeper understanding of legal principles, landmark judgments, and legislative developments through discussions and activities related to law and jurisprudence.
  4. Competitive Spirit: To encourage students to participate in Moot Court Competitions, Debate Competitions, Elocution Competitions, and Judgment Writing Competitions at both the state and national levels, providing them with a competitive edge.
  5. Mentoring and Guidance: To offer dedicated faculty mentors and resources to support students in their preparation for various competitions and to facilitate their overall growth in public speaking and advocacy.
  6. Holistic Development: To emphasize the importance of not only verbal communication but also non-verbal aspects such as gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation, and posture to make speeches more effective.
  7. Community Building: To create a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among students by forming internal groups for monitoring and mentoring, fostering a fun and supportive learning environment.
  8. Cultural and Educational Events: To host events such as the State-Level Elocution and Debate Competitions, creating opportunities for students to showcase their talents and gain recognition.
  9. Promotion of Legal Literature: To establish a Book Club within the club to encourage reading and discussion of legal literature, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
  10. Success in Competitions: To prepare and support students to excel in various district, state, and national level moot courts and other competitions, bringing recognition and pride to Modern Law College.
  11. Upholding the Legacy: To uphold the memory of the Late Shashikala Ramakant Ekbote by organizing the State Level Elocution and Debate Competition in her honor.

These objectives collectively aim to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to excel in the legal profession and in any field that values effective communication and advocacy.

MOD Club recognizes the art of public speaking as a powerful tool for standing out in a crowd and emphasizes the importance of gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation, and posture in making speeches more effective. This student-centric club, led by a dedicated faculty member, offers a range of opportunities for students to hone their advocacy skills and excel in the world of legal communication.

One of the highlights of the MOD Club is the State Level Elocution and Debate Competition, held in memory of the Late Shashikala Ramakant Ekbote. The club’s activities encompass various activities, including intra-collegiate Moot Court and Debate Competitions, Elocution Competitions, discussions on recent amendments and landmark judgments, client counseling, drafting, judgment writing and judgment analysis.

Club Activities

  1. Intra-Collegiate Moot Court Competition: Organizing internal moot court competitions that simulate real legal scenarios, allowing students to practice their advocacy skills and legal arguments.
  2. Intra-Collegiate Debate Competition: Hosting debate competitions where students engage in structured arguments and discussions on various legal and contemporary topics, fostering critical thinking and persuasive communication.
  3. Intra-Collegiate Elocution Competition: Conducting elocution contests that focus on effective and expressive verbal communication, helping students refine their speaking skills and articulation.
  4. Discussion regarding Amendments/Recent Judgments and Landmark Decisions: Facilitating discussions and analysis sessions to keep students informed about the latest legal developments, amendments, and significant court rulings.
  5. Moot Court Problems Given by Other Colleges: Providing students with opportunities to engage in moot court competitions organized by other institutions, broadening their exposure to different legal scenarios and competition formats.
  6. Client Counselling: Offering training and practice in client counseling, a crucial skill for legal professionals, to enable students to effectively communicate with clients, understand their needs, and offer legal advice.
  7. Drafting: Conducting workshops and activities related to legal drafting, such as preparing legal documents, contracts, and petitions, honing students’ ability to draft precise and legally sound materials.
  8. Judgment Writing: Focusing on the art of writing judgments, allowing students to understand the judicial decision-making process and enhance their ability to construct coherent and well-reasoned judgments.
  9. Judgment Analysis: Engaging in critical analysis of legal judgments, dissecting the rationale and implications of court decisions to deepen students’ understanding of legal precedents.

These activities collectively provide students with a well-rounded legal education, offering them opportunities to practice, refine, and apply their knowledge and skills in various facets of law and advocacy.

The club is open to students from B.A. L.L.B, L.L.B, and LL.M programs and aims to make its activities both educational and enjoyable. To ensure a focused approach, the club has established internal groups for continuous mentoring led by Club In-charge – Ms. Vaishali (Assistant Professor, Management) and Dr. Deepti Bhargava (Assistant Professor, English). Participation in club events is strongly encouraged to enhance students’ confidence and foster the art of public speaking.

Notably, students from Modern Law College have showcased their talents at various district, state, and national level moot courts and other competitions, achieving remarkable success. The MOD Club continues to be a beacon for students aspiring to excel in the fields of law, advocacy, and public speaking.

To join the Club, obtain the membership form and submit it to the Club mentors.

  1. Dr. Deepti Bhargava-
  2. Ms. Vaishali-

Some of our Achievers 

Sr. no Name of Competition Name of student Achievement 
1University Institute of Legal studies Punjab University, ChandigarhVidhee Jain, Vishwesh Bhise, Nayan Mishra, Grishma Patil.Prize of Best Advocate to Ms. Vidhee Jain and Mr. Vishwesh Bhise.
2Baramati Law College Anushi Tiwari, Shreya SawantPrize for Best Memorial 
3Gajendragadkar Moot Court competition of Ismail saheb Mulla Law CollegeKedar Pimputkar ,Dimple Tyagi Runner Up 
4S.S. Maniyar Law College Shantanu Inamati, Pooja Phulari, Snehal PawaseWinner
5New Law College, Ahmednagar Akshaya Pradhan, Archana Gattani Prize for Best Advocate to Ms. Akshaya Pradhan 
6Kashibai Navale Moot Court Competition Singhgad Law College Arpita Mahapatra, Sanika KapseParticipation
7Late Justice S. B Mhase State Level Moot Court Competition Akshaya Pradhan Best Advocate Award
8Gajendragadkar Moot Court competition of Ismail saheb Mulla Law CollegeKashyap VaishnaviThird Prize 
91st Law Guru National level Moot Court Competition, 2018 Saurabh Patil Sherya MoreAastha TawareBest Memorial award
10Pinnacle – 2018 A.K.K New Law College Hrudhyanshi Joshi Winner of Quiz Competition
11Pinnacle – 2018 A.K.K New Law College Aastha Taware2nd winner in Essay Competition
12Pinnacle – 2019 A.K.K New Law College Aastha TawareRunner Up in Essay Competition
13Lokmanya Tilak National Appellate Moot Court Competition 2020Mayuri Bhirangi, Mayur Mali Runner up Prize
14Deccan Education Society Late Shri. Vijay A. Chavan Memorial Lecture National Moot Court Competition   Sneha Nair Best adavocate Prize
15Literature Master Award Ankita Gupta 10th Rank in story telling 
162nd Surana and Surana And Dr. M.S. Ramaiah Natinal Tort law Moot Competition Sanika kapse, Arpita Mohapatra, Manas arora Best Memorial 
17Ismailsaheb Mulla Law College Moot Court Competition Anushs Debbarma, Poorva Kulkarni, Amruta KulkarniSecond Runner Up 
18P. B Sawant Moot Court Competition, MMM’s Law CollegeVidhee Jain, Nayan Mishra Runner Up 
19Pinnacle 14th Inter Law College Festival (Debate)Zchitra Mathely Aditya KurupWinner
20Pinnacle 13th Inter Law College Festival (Debate)Aastha TawareRunner- Up
21Inter- Collegiate Elocution Competition, Pune Mrugaja Deshmukh Winner
22Maharaj Vinayak Global University Jaipur school of Law National Trial Advocacy Moot Court Competition 2020Ankita Gupta, Ankita Chhajed Debbarma , AVinita Deo Harshita Waila 1st Prize 
23Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition
held at Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce, Pimpri, Pune
Ms. Bhavna Gopalan and EdenWinners
24Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition
held at Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce, Pimpri, Pune
Ms. Lakshita Lunkad and Ms. RevaThird position
25National Virtual Intellectual Property Fest 2023 By Faculty of Law, GLS,
Mr. Vibhansh Agarwal and Ms. Neha BhoirSecond position