Institutional Distinctiveness

Providing Legal Assistance to CID, by creating MoU with it

PES’s Modern Law College, Pune, spearheads a transformative collaboration with CID Maharashtra, enriching legal education with practical insights. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) facilitates student involvement in criminal case research alongside CID experts, enhancing learning and fostering real-world skills crucial for legal practice.
The MoU’s core focus lies in examining court-dismissed cases, where students meticulously analyse nuances under CID guidance. This process not only deepens students’ understanding of legal intricacies but also contributes to the pursuit of justice by identifying overlooked evidence or procedural errors, thus ensuring fair trial procedures.
By bridging academia and law enforcement, PES’s Modern Law College sets a precedent for innovative legal education. This partnership cultivates a new generation of ethical legal professionals equipped to navigate complex legal landscapes, champion fairness in criminal justice, and contribute meaningfully to society.
In summary, the MoU between PES’s Modern Law College and CID Maharashtra embodies a collaborative approach to legal education, combining academic rigor with practical application to empower students, advance justice, and foster societal welfare.