Sports Department

  1. Sports Department
  2. Aims and objectives of the cell – The Sports Unit is founded with the following aims & objectives:    


  • To develop self confidence and pride among students.
  • To learn teamwork among students.
  • To learn self-discipline in the acquiring of skills necessary to the sports.
  • To learn to make decisions and operate under pressure.
  • To develop emotional maturity.
  • To achieve social, political, economic, and educational equity.
  • To respect the necessity for authority and the needs of the group.


The most important objective of Sports is the development and maintenance of physical fitness. The student who participates in athletics will improve physically and mentally while learning activities that will maintain a high level of physical fitness. Sports help develop values of mutual trust and cooperation. They help develop students’ capacities in taking instant decisions, and they enhance thought processes. The feeling of sportsmanship or sporting spirit, which develops in the sporting arena, teaches students to accept failure and to respect others. The feeling also helps in developing a calm and positive outlook, and it increases stamina by strengthening bones and muscles.

Landmark activities are done under a cell – 

  • Intercollegiate Sports Competition – this Intercollegiate Sports Competition organized by SPPU. It organized to promote feeling of sportsmanship or sporting spirit, which develops in the sporting arena. These competitions keep students positive, fresh, energetic and go a long way in making more productive. It also helps in shaping overall personality and interpersonal skills.
  • Zonal Sports Competitions – Participants of Round III of the College Level Competition represent their College in the Zonal level competition which is an inter College competition. Zonal level competition is usually conducted in September – October after completing the College Level Competition. A Zone would comprise of 3 – 4 Districts. 
  • State Sports Competitions – Participants of State Level Competition represent their zone in the State level competition.  The Zones  Pune, Nashik, Vidharbh and Marathwada etc. State level competition is usually conducted in November after completing the Zonal Level Competition. 
  • National Sports Competitions – Participants of Inter University Level Competition represent their zone in the State level competition. National level competition is usually conducted in December after completing the National Level Competition.
  • Inter -national Sports Competitions – Participants of International Level Competition represent their country in the International level competition..
  • Vidhirang – Vidhirang is a state-level sports competition that was started in the year 2020. 1st Vidhirang was held in 2020 where more than 50 teams participated in various sports activities. The event was sponsored by more than 15 corporate entities 

Summary activities done under sale

The Sport unit of Modern Law College is responsible for all the Sports events in the college around the year. The Sport unit strives to bring out the hidden talent of the students of the college. It helps to discover their skills and talent.

The students of Modern Law College have represented College in various Sports events at State, National and International levels. Some of the achievements of the students are as follows:

International levels

  1. Omkar Akhade  – Tennis- Spain- Participant
  2. Om Kesharkar – Wrestling – Switzerland – Participant

National levels

  1. Guarav Dahale – Skating – Delhi – Gold Medal

Guarav was awarded Suvarnlaksh Rashtriya Krida Purskar by Major Dhyanachand Kendriya Parishad.

  1. Rasika Sangale – Judo – Kanpur – Participant

State levels

  1. Shubham Ravade          –     Football –  – Participant
  2. Rachana Phulsundar      –   Chess – Participant
  3. Ankita Gupta                  –  Chess – Participant
  4. Akshy Pawar                 –    Football –  – Participant
  5. Atharva Nanaware         – Basketball  – Participant

Zonal  Levels

  1.  Aarti Takale               -Judo
  2. Rashika Sagle  –        Wrestling

Intercollegiate  Levels

  1. Arti Takale             -Judo –               Gold  Medal
  1. Rasika Sagle  –       Judo                 Gold  Medal
  1. Arti Takale          – Wrestling        Gold  Medal
  1. Rasika Sagle  –    Wrestling             Gold  Medal