Per Meditatus (Certificate Course)

Modern Law College pays full attention to students who have difficulty grasping the English language. To help overcome such difficulty, the college arranges English Speaking Courses. The Course helps the students in a better understanding of the English language and development of their English writing and speaking skills. This in turn helps in a better understanding of the laws and prepares well for the written examinations. It is important for a law professional to have the ability to communicate information to another person effectively and efficiently is known as effective communication. And it does not necessarily come from fluency in a particular language; it comprises information exchange, listening, and understanding. A lot of students from various educational mediums might have difficulties using or understanding English. Modern Law College believes that a fully curated communication course can bridge this gap for the students in terms of leadership development, negotiation, public speaking, and presenting.

Objective Of the Course

  • To improve student’s ability to express and inform
  • To focus on their improvement in teamwork and a collaborative mindset
  • To improve student’s Intensive and Excessive Listening skills
  • To boost student’s confidence and Persuasive Capacity
  • To improve student’s professionalism and help them in their Career development
  • To improve their presentations skills
  • To focus on Professional Etiquette

Course Outcome

The course is divided into 14 modules with a focus to enhance students’ communication skills. To enable students to learn the correct pronunciation, spelling, meaning, usage of English, public speaking, group discussion, drafting of a letter; resume; emails, etc.

The course also prepares students to be updated to industry standards by familiarizing them with presentations, interviews, discussions, and Professional etiquette.

Course Content

  • Public Speaking
  • Mock Session
  • Oral Communication (Development of skills of oral communication by conducting speech training activities)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Group Discussion
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Drafting of Letters/Emails/Resume/CV
  • Profile Writing
  • Interview Preparation

Syllabus- Per Meditatus

SNO.TopicDuration of the lecture hour (Tentative)
1Public Speaking2 Hour
2Mock – Session (PS)2 Hour
3Group Discussion2 Hour
4Mock – Session (GD)2 Hour

Drafting of Letters/ Emails – the Manner and theMatter
2 Hour
6Practice Session – Letters/Email Writing2 Hour

Drafting of Resume/ CV – the Manner and Matter
2 Hour

Practice Session – Resume Writing
2 Hour
9Profile Writing2 Hour
10Small Talk – PracticeSession2 Hour

Interviews -Preparation of Frequently AskedQuestions
2 Hour
12Mock Session -Facing an Interview2 Hour
13Presentation Skills2 Hour
14Professional Etiquette2 Hour
Examination2 Hour
Total Duration30 Hour


Tentative hours guidelines – timeline can be increase as per the requirement of the students