The Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the academic year 2020-2021, thus instructors were forced to learn, implement, and use ICT-enabled tools. Not only for professors but also for pupils, the usage of laptops and the internet has become commonplace. For Facilitating faculty members in effective usage of ICT the Parent Institution, P.E. Societyheld a Faculty Training Program for the development of e-content and the use of e-resources. In addition to this the college has also collaborated with Ramanujan College, Delhi for conducting a Faculty Development Programme.In addition, the college sponsored many refresher courses and faculty development programmes for the professors. Teachers are efficienty using ICT enabled instruments such as computers, headphones, writing pads, internet, video-lectures, audio-lectures, PPT presentations, virtual labs, YouTube connections, and e-contents as a result of these programmes. The usage of ICT has been 100% this year due to the complete syllabus being conducted through online mode. All the e-content which was created by the teachers has been distributed to the students through a google classroom which has been created for each class. Also, there is a dedicated WhatsApp group of each class where various e-resources are distributed to all the students.