All students should fill the Student Satisfaction Survey Form from the link given below. Students should carefully examine the questions and answer the right answers. The hierarchy of options are as follows:

  • 4- Excellent
  • 3- Good
  • 2- Neutral
  • 1- Bad
  • 0- Worst

For the NAAC AQAR (2020-21), Students Satisfaction Survey (SSS) was conducted among the students of the college through Google Form. The questionnaire has been framed based on NAAC guidelines. Students have rated the question on a scale of 0 to 4. The result of this survey is based on the response of 496 students. The summary is displayed on the college website and it is also presented in the IQAC meeting.


All questions are compulsory

1What degree program are you pursuing now?4.2
2How much of the syllabus was covered in the class?4.4
3How well did the teachers prepare for the classes?4.6
4How well were the teachers able to communicate?4.3
5The teacher’s approach to teaching can best be described as4.6
6Fairness of the internal evaluation process by the teachers.4.6
7Was your performance in assignments discussed with you?4.1
8The institute takes an active interest in promoting internship, student exchange, field visit opportunities for students.4.1
9The teaching and mentoring process in your institution facilitates your cognitive, social, and emotional growth.4.1
10The institution provides multiple opportunities to learn and grow.4.2
11Teachers inform you about your expected competencies, course outcomes, and program outcomes.4.4
12Your mentor does a necessary follow-up with an assigned task to you.4.3
13The teachers illustrate the concepts through examples and applications.4.6
14The teachers identify your strengths and encourage you with providing the right level of challenges.4.3
15Teachers are able to identify your weaknesses and help you to overcome them.4.2
16The institution makes effort to engage students in the monitoring, review, and continuous quality improvement of the teaching-learning process.4.2
17The institute/ teachers use student-centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning, and problem-solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences.4.3
18Teachers encourage you to participate in extracurricular activities.4.3
19Efforts are made by the institute/ teachers to inculcate soft skills, life skills, and employability skills to make you ready for the world of work.4.3
20What percentage of teachers use ICT tools such as LCD projectors, Multimedia, etc. while teaching.4.0

Give three observation / suggestions to improve the overall teaching – learning experience in your institution

Student Satisfaction Survey Form 2020-21

Download observation and suggestion