3.3.3 Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during last five years (10)

Index for seminar Proceedings

Sr. No.AuthorTitle of the paperProceedingsPg. No.
22Dr. Sunita AdhavGender Equality At Work Place In Indian Context: Legislative And Judicial PerstectiveParidnya The MIBM Research Journal 5
23Dr. Sunita AdhavHistory of Dispute Resolution in India: An analysisA Special Issue On Commercial Division Of High Courts: Dawn Of New Era In Indian Judiciary 6
24Dr. Sunita AdhavChanging Paradigms of Environmental Jurisprudence in India: Constitutional PerspectiveSeminar Proceedings 7
25Dr. Sunita AdhavLaws That Teach Humanity: Maharashtra Protection of People From Social Boycott ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2016Seminar Proceedings 8
26Dr. Sunita AdhavSustainable Development and Judiciary in India: A Critical AnalysisSeminar Proceedings 9
27Dr. Sunita AdhavEssence Of Corporate Social Responsibility In India: An OverviewSeminar Proceedings of 10
28Mrs. Ananya BibaveNational environment policy: the Blueprint for a Green FutureSeminar Proceedings 11
29Ms. Shivanjali Bhoite Women In Defense in India- a critical analysis with special reference to Gender InequalityParidnya The MIBM Research Journal 12
30Mrs. Mayura BordeMisleading Advertisement and Protection of Consumer through Statutory and Institutional Framework: Indian PerspectiveEmerging Trends on Consumer Protection 13
31Mrs. Mayura BordeApplication Of Global Environ Mental Policies In India: Judicial PerspectiveSeminar Proceedings 14
32Mrs. Mayura BordeLegislative Framework Of Disaster Management In IndiaR.T.M. University Research Journal Special Edition On Disaster Management: Social And Legal Issues In India In India 15
33Dr. Sunita AdhavInternational Perspectives on the Law Relating to Electronic Child PornographySeminar Proceedings 16
34Dr. Chintamani GhateChild Abuse in IndiaSeminar Proceedings 17
35Dr. Ananya BibaveProtection of Children from Online Threats: the Need of an HourSeminar Proceedings 18
36Ms. Shivanjali BhoiteData Privacy in IndiaSeminar Proceedings 19
37Ms. Shivanjali BhoiteComparative Appraisal of Child Rights and Child AbuseSeminar Proceedings 20
38Ms. Mayura BordeStudy of Live in Relationship  in IndiaSeminar Proceedings 21
39Ms. Mayura BordeChild in Conlict with Law National and International PerspectivesSeminar Proceedings 22
40Mr. Harshwardhan LonkarChild Abuse: Forms, Effects and Its SolutionsSeminar Proceedings 23
41Ms. Shital KeskarInternational Law on the Mental Health of the Child-Comparative StudySeminar Proceedings 24
42Asst. Prof. Manisha BrittoHRM for Sustainability – Need of the HourSeminar Proceedings 25
43Asst. Prof. Akshay UgaleCarbon Credits; Environmental Sustainability and EconomicsSeminar Proceedings 26
44Dr. Ananya BibaveCriminal Liability for non-compliance of Environmental Law: Jurisprudential and Legislative PerspectiveSeminar Proceedings27
45Asst. Prof. Savita BansodeEvolution of Laws relating to Termination of Pregnance vis-à-vis sex selectionSeminar Proceedings28
46Asst. Prof. Vikas WaghmareDecoding Patriarchy through the lens of caste: A Socio-political analytical studySeminar Proceedings29
47Adv. Dr. Chintamani GhateRehabilitation and After Care process of offenders in India: An AnalysisSeminar Proceedings30
48Asst. Prof. Mayura BordeStudy of Development of Right to Privacy and conflicting Issues in IndiaSeminar Proceedings31