3.4.2: Number of awards / recognitions /letters of appreciations/commendation for research, legal aid and legal extension activities by the institution/teachers/research scholars/students during the last five years

                                     INDEX FOR UPLOADED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS

Sr.No.YearParticularsPg. No.
12016-17Dr. Sunita Adhav -Projects Appreciation letters3-5
22016-17Dr. Ananya Bibave -Appreciation Letter6
32016-17Dr. Vikrant Yadav , Award of PHD7
42017-18Dr. Sunita Adhav  , Letter of appreciation for research project8,9
52017-18Dr. Ananya Bibave  , Award of PHD10
62017-18Dr. Ananya Bibave Best Teacher Award 2017-201811-12
72017-18Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation13
82017-18Dr. Chintamani Ghate  , Award of PHD14
92017-18Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation15
102018-19Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation16
112018-19Dr.Shivanjali Bhoite–Appointment as Editor of International journal of Innovative & Informative Multideciplinary Research(IJIIMR) 2018-201917
122018-19Dr. Mayura Borde-Best Teacher Award 2018-201918
132019-20Dr. Sunita Adhav -First Prize-Paper Presentation19
142019-20Dr. Sunita Adhav-Best Teacher -All India Institute of Local Self Government20
152019-20Ms. Shivanjali Bhoite-Best Paper Presenter-Corruption as a violation of Human Rights 2019-202021
162019-20Ms Shivanjali Bhoite  Coordinator for Training Programme “Law and Judicial Process” at YASHADA22
172019-20Ms Shivanjali Bhoite  Moderator for MA development of Administration at YASHADA23
182019-20Dr. Abhijeet Dhere-Award of Ph.D24
192019-20Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation25
202019-20Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation26
212019-20Dr. Ananya Bibave, Letter of Appreciation27
222019-20Dr. Abhijeet Dhere-Recognition as Memberof WHO Legal Development Programme on Road Safety28
232020-21Dr.Sunita Adhav-Best Teacher Award Shri. Ashtavinayak Mitra Mandal, Maji Sainik Nagar, Yerwada, Pune-06 (2020-2021)29
242020-21ISO Certification ISO 2009-2015 (2020-2021)30
252020-21Ph.D Research Centre-SPPU,Pune 2020-202131
262020-21Dr. Abhijeet Dhere- PG Recognition Letter32
272020-21Dr. Mayura Borde -PG Recognition letter33
282020-21Dr. Shivanjali Bhoite- PG Recognition letter34