3.4.3 Total number of Students participating in extension activities conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organizations through NSS/ NCC/ Red Cross/ YRC etc., year wise during last five years


Sr. No.Name of the activityYear of the activityPage no
1Hyderabad High Court visit2016-174-5
211th National Moot Court Competition2016-176-25
3‘4th Daff Karandak’2016-201732-45
4NSS Special Camp2016-1732-45
5Cleaning School Premises – Jilha Parishad school, karandi kheba2016-1732-45
6Socio Economic Health Survey Karandi kheba2016-1732-45
7Bandhara constuction2016-1732-45
8Special Session on Personality Development  by Prof Bhushan Mehare MIT School of Management2016-1732-45
9Awareness Rally2016-1732-45
10‘5th Daff Karandak’2017-201846-82
11Vachan Prerna Din2017-201882-89
12Blood Donation Camp2017-201890-94
13CID Visit2017-201895-97
14MAHA Yojana Shibir2017-201898-104
15Guest Lecture  Adv.Rajendra Jagtap2017-2018140-176
16Constitutional Day Celebration2017-18140-176
17Rural Development In Winter Camp2017-18140-176
18Tree Plantation drive2017-18140-176
19Shanwar wada Cleanliness Drive2017-18140-176
20Guest Lecture by Justice Abhay Oak2017-18140-176
21Guest Lecture by Heartfull ness2017-18140-176
22Awareness Rally Karandi2017-18140-176
23Socio Economic Health Survey Karandi kHeba2017-18140-176
24Free Legal Aid camp2017-18140-176
25Special Session on Personality Development  by Swamiraj Bhise2017-18140-176
26Bandhara constuction2017-18140-176
276th“Daf Karandak”State Level Intercollegiate Street Play Competition2018-19177-222
28NSS Special Camp Shelgao , Near Alandi District Pune2018-19177-222
29Cleanliness drive around temple2018-19177-222
30Yoga awareness and awareness about physical and mental Health2018-19177-222
31Awareness Rally and participation of volunteers in Dindi2018-19177-222
32Visit to nursury and Solar Plant and plantation of trees2018-19177-222
33Cleaning of camp site2018-19177-222
34Bandhara constuction2018-19177-222
35Cleaning of Village Ghat2018-19177-222
36Tree plantation2018-19177-222
37Personality Development  lecture by Adv. Satyajeet Lonkar2018-19177-222
38Guidance  by Dayanand Dhome on Police Raising Day Celebration2018-19177-222
39Street Play-Traffic Awareness2018-19177-222
40Guest Lecture by Mr. Lokhande on Yoga Meditation2018-19177-222
41Guest Lecture on “Stress Management” By Dr. Vishal Harpale,2018-19248-257
42Celebration Of Constitutional Day2018-19223-227
43Poster Making Competition2018-19177-222
45Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram2018-19 
46Lok Adalat 237-247
47Senior Citizen day – issues resolution campaign2018-19228-236
48Visit to Blind Girls School2018-2019 
49Yerwada Jail Visit2019-2020237-247
50‘State Level Elocution & Debate Competition in the memory of Late Smt. Shashikala Ekbote’2019-2020314-368
51Workshop on Soft Skill Development2019-2020314-368
52Visit To Forensic Science Lab,Pune2019-2020314-368
53International Conference2019-2020314-368
54Handmade Mask Distribution2019-2020314-368
55Project-Help to Migrant Labours2019-2020314-368
56Project-Arogya Setu, Awareness of Covid-192019-2020314-368
57Visit to Maharshi Karve Shri Shikshan Sanstha,Pune2019-2020307-313
58Street Play-Social Awareness2019-2020314-368
59River Cleanliness Drive  Shanwar wada2019-2020314-368
60Students Participation2019-2020314-368
61Tree Plantation Drive-Pashan Sus Tekdi Parisar2019-2020314-368
62Rural Development  winter Camp , Deewad village , Taluka Maval2019-2020314-368
63Cleanliness drive streets of village Deewad2019-2020314-368
64Organising Plastic Waste2019-2020314-368
65cultural program on social awareness2019-2020314-368
66construction of Bandhara2019-2020314-368
67students rally with slogans and posters2019-2020314-368
68swach wari Nirmal wari , Harit wari2019-2020314-368
69Guest Lecture by Swamiraj Bhise2019-2020314-368
70Guest Lecture by Dr. Pratap Salunkhe on Article 3702019-2020314-368
71Guest Lecture Shamshuddin Tamboli on Freedom of Religion2019-2020314-368
72Covid -19 Awarenss by Posters, videos ,2019-20314-368
73Feeding Street dogs during Covid-192019-20314-368
74Making of Masks2019-20314-368
75Project Help Migrant Labourers during Covid-192019-20314-368
76legal aid at Sortap wadi village2019-20306
77Vachan Prerna Din2019-2020314-368
78A Tribal Rights Awareness Initiative2020-21278-280
79Tree Plantation2020-21314-368
80Free Legal Aid2020-21314-368
81Gender Blog writing competition2020-21314-368
82legal aid at Mhalungi village2020-21281
83legal aid at Taljai Wasahat2020-21282-305