Best Practice # 1

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1Title of the practice: – Students Online Blog
2The context that required the initiation of the practice: In times of constant technological changes, the students get an opportunity to showcase their skills on the internet. Given the same, the college understood the need of the hour to implement the same at the college level. To encourage creativity in the students, Modern Law College has started a student’s college online blog where they can express their views related to any issue close to their heart. The students were given an orientation for the blog and how to express their opinions and ideas. After the directions, blogs in a particular format were invited from the students.  
3Objectives of the practice: • To encourage students to express themselves. • Writing skills to be nurtured • Best blogs are appreciated by publishing them in the college magazine.
4The Practice: in this attention-deficient world, young minds wander over social media and waste their creativity on unwanted things. The college has started an initiative to encourage the students to write their views and express their opinions through online blogs on the topic of their choice. A teacher overviews the content and checks the plagiarism in the writings, thus allowing the blog to be published on the official page. The blogs are posted on the official WordPress handle of the college titled Modern Law Writes. The blogs are updated on the WordPress handle with constant grammatical and editorial changes done by the faculty members and the students. After the students finalize the blog, a copy of it is shown to Principal Madam, and after her final feedback blog is updated on WordPress. After the blog is updated, the students are later informed about their views on their blogs and the comments they receive on the work of art they created. The blogs are published on the public website of Modern Law College, where everyone can have a view of the blog. Moreover, the college also provides a link for all its students. This is because all the students are open to interpreting each other’s work and giving suggestions.
5Obstacles faced: Low student response was a significant obstacle we faced while implementing this initiative. Moreover, whatever writings we received to a greater extent, we rarely found an original idea in them. -Students are already overburdened due to a load of curricular and extracurricular activities due to which they could not participate in the activity. – The students could not open fully while expressing their ideas due to the fear of their peer’s judgment and criticism. – Writing as an activity is less glamorous than the other extracurricular activities like Moot Court Competitions, Debates, Elocutions, etc. As a result, student participation was found to be less. – The blogs posted online received random hatred from the internet trollers as the platform is open for all. The trollers targeted some blogs for unnecessary reasons.
6Impact of the practice: The students were encouraged to write the blogs, and we received an overwhelming response of 50 students. After scrutiny, we published 16 Blogs. Language is not a barrier for the students. We received responses from all the categories of students as they wrote blogs in their vernacular languages. The students got an opportunity to express their inner demons and fear and talk about anything under the sun. The college gave them the freedom to express their views openly without having any bias and non-political statements. This activity made some students realize their true potential in writing, and as a result, Miss Ankita Gupta student of BALLB 2, went ahead and wrote the longest poem on IPC. The World Record of Longest Law poetry was achieved by Miss Ankita Gupta, who wrote 4059 words in 58 pages. The book’s title, which was published, is The Trick of 511. The book is available on NotionPress and Amazon. The poem explains all the 511 sections of IPC, 1860. The poem has been recorded under Longest Law Poetry by the international book of records. This shows the imaginative power of the practice of writing taught through the online blog activity.  
7Resources required – Internet

Best Practice #2

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1Title of the Practice: “Family Counselling Cell
2Objectives of the Practice: (100 words) To discuss various family aspects like strained relations, marital discord, and warring factions of the family through a platform to discuss their problems and find solutions to their issues. To fulfill the social responsibility of the college towards the urban and rural families by providing them counseling free of cost to resolve Family Problems.
3The context (in about 150 words): The college authorities faced the most significant challenge while designing and implementing this activity was the people’s approach. The activity being a social activity, the college had to send its students to various social programs and events to publicize the cell and invite people to use the platform. The students had to attend and talk to many groups and individuals. The second major challenge of the activity was gaining people’s trust. The college authorities had to make sure that the people who wanted to use this platform trusted the college completely for handling their issues and ensure that the data collected as a result of this would not be used for any other commercial or profit purposes. The college representatives had to take one-to-one personal interactions with the families to gain their confidence and make them confident about the whole process.
4The practice (in about 400 words): The college inaugurated the Family Counselling Cell on 25th Jan 2020 at the hands of Hon’ N.R.Naikwade, Judge, Family Court, Pune, Hon Shri Subhash Kafre, Judge, Family Court Pune. The program officially started the Family Counselling Cell on the campus. Being a social activity without any purpose of profit, the college took the help of its students to reach this activity to various corners of the society. The college did not advertise or did any paid publicity for the cell. The activity was made to reach the people through word of mouth. Students advertised for the cell through their contacts, blogs, Facebook posts, and Instagram Stories. These posts reached different sections of society, and people started to approach the cell of the college with their issues and problems. Since then, people have contacted the college authorities with their issues. After verifying the concerned parties’ case details and personal details, the family is called upon the campus for an appointment with their counselor in the Family Counselling Cell. The counseling then happens in the counselor’s presence, the concerned parties, and a college representative. The data and files of every session are maintained in the college with utmost secrecy as it involves various details of the aggrieved parties and their details. The frequency of the counseling depends on the people’s responses, and it is decided accordingly. Workshops and Events in the college are organized to promote the cell and reach the masses. The activity has garnered a lot of support from the students due to their enthusiasm and vigor. It has become a success what it is right now, and in the years to come, with the complete lift up of the Covid-19 restrictions, the activity is bound to see more influx of people using the platform.
5Evidence of success (in about 200 words): During the academic year 2020-21, the college handled 14 cases, out of which three cases were settled in the college before the counselor. The cases were settled with the partners agreeing to mutual terms and obliging to not override them anytime in the future. The dispute was settled right before the counselors and resolved a pre-court dispute. The time, money, and efforts of the aggrieved parties were all saved due to the platform provided by the college. The record of the parties is saved in the hard copy format of the college files with the stamp and signatories of the concerned parties.
6Problems encountered and resources required (in about 150 words): The college has set up a Family Counselling Cell on its campus to provide utmost privacy to the counselors and their Families. The college organizes Workshops and events for the promotion of the cell where the monetary resources of the college are utilized. The college also invites various esteemed resource persons for guest lectures and programs of the cell, where the college provides the honorarium for the same of its expenses. A significant problem/issue faced in this practice was clear people’s inhibition to come and use this platform. The problem is that various interested people who want to use the cell refrain from using it due to the social dilemma involved. These inhibitions were a significant issue to tackle while implementing the activity.

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