Mooting Oratory and Debating Club

Realising public speaking as an art that can help you to stand out in the crowd and a much important need to focus on their gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation and posture to increase the effectiveness of the speech to describe the topics. Modern Law College has established a Mooting, Oratory and Debating (MOD) Club. The MOD Club is a student centric club headed by a faculty member. The club regularly conducts Moot Court Competitions, Debate Competition, Elocution competition, and judgment writing Competitions. The club develops the advocacy skills of the students and encourages them to participate in such competitions at state and National Level. The club organizes special lectures to boost the skills, a dedicated faculty is allotted for every competition.

The club is open to all the students of B.A. LL.B, LL.B and LL.M. To make the club activities fun-oriented, the club has prepared internal groups for monitoring and continuous mentoring of students. It is expected that all students of the club shall participate in one or the other event mandatorily with a very focused intention to enhance the student’s confidence and uphold the art of public speaking.

Under the MOD Club, Modern Law College organises State Level Elocution and Debate Competition in the Memory of Late Shashikala Ramakant Ekbote.

MOD Club conducts the following activities

  • Intra-Collegiate Moot Court Competition
  • Intra-Collegiate Debate Competition
  • Intra-Collegiate Elocution Competition
  • Discussion regarding Amendments/ Recent
  • Judgements and Landmark decisions
  • Moot Court Problems given by other colleges
  • Client Counselling
  • Drafting
  • Judgement Writing
  • Judgement Analysis
  • Book Club