PSO1Obtaining advanced knowledge in one’s chosen field of specialisation.
PSO2Interpreting and assessing legal and social issues and attempting to resolve them via the application of current laws and regulations.
PSO3The use of ethical principles and the instillation of professional ethics in order to carry out responsibilities and adhere to established legal practise norms.
PSO4To carry out responsibilities and standards of established legal processes, ethical principles must be applied and professional ethics must be instilled.
PSO5Students learn to acquire empirical data, analyse it using law, and strengthen their field of research as a result of the practical component being included in the field of teaching learning.


PSO1Enabling a learner to grasp the numerous laws in the context in which they are formed, including a thorough comprehension of a variety of substantive and procedural laws, as well as various legislations and rules in their particular field of interest.
PSO2Encourage objective consideration of legal issues and strive toward finding answers through the application of laws and regulations.
PSO3Enabling the art of conducting doctrinal and empirical research on a wide range of socio-legal topics using a variety of research methods and approaches.
PSO4Developing the abilities required to facilitate legal research and successfully hone their advocacy skills in particular areas.