PES Modern Law College, Ph.D Research Centre, Pune aims at achieving the objectives pertaining to research initiatives, innovations and research productivity. Therefore research policy of this college looks forward to
exploring new ideas, inventions in the Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary field and ensuring to undertake quality research within the legal framework. The guidelines and provisions of the Research policy shall demonstrate a continuous commitment for maintenance of high academic standards and good quality of research.

Application and Scope:- This Research policy shall be applicable to those engaged in research including students, research guides, faculty and staff of PES Modern Law College, Ph.D Research Centre, Pune engaged in research activities.

Removal of Difficulty/Limitation : Any matter not covered in this policy may be dealt with proper interpretation and application of the existing policy, principles, regulations and legal norms in letter and spirit. This shall be the prerogative of the Director, Ph.D. Research Centre.

Aims of Research Policy:- To achieve highest standards in conduct of Research in PES Modern Law College, Ph.D Research Centre is undertaken for pursuit of excellence and accuracy of end results. The Research policy provides
guidelines on good Moral and ethical practices in the conduct of Research to achieve highest standards.

It aims to find the solution of the problem practically. Here, a legal researcher tries to do his research in a practical context. It is concerned with the generalization and formulation of the theory. This research is done to increase
the knowledge in a field of Research (doctrinal & Non-doctrinal aspects).

PES Modern Law College, Ph.D Research Centre aims at promotion of research culture in accordance with the academic standards, legal framework, good governance and ethical practices. This policy looks upon to support research work with high standards and provide a strategy on how to achieve research goals.

Research Strategy:

The research strategy identifies the research goals and defines the action plan required to achieve these goals. The goals for research are mentioned below:

  • Enhance the quality of research and Modern Law College, Ph.D. Research Centre research profile.
  • Enhance internal and external funding for research.
  • Support National & International research and development policies.
  • Encourage research under MoUs and linkages.

Objectives of Research Policy:

  • To affirm research on a prime agenda.
  • To encourage and promote good research practices.
  • To ensure and create research culture with regard to ethical considerations.
  • To introduce legal provisions of ethical practices in research, intellectual property rights, patent norms, cyber laws, anti-plagiarism policy and tools for conduct of fair research.
  • To provide required support for meeting all legislative, regulatory requirements for undertaking research.
  • To frame guidelines with reference to financial support available for research.
  • To integrate research facilities for facilitating the academic community and to best utilize available resources for research.
  • To facilitate MoUs and linkages for encouraging research and to encourage research in interdisciplinary areas.
  • To ensure fair treatment to all researchers, faculty, students and staff.
  • To ensure effective communication (internally and externally) for conduct of research.
  • To establish fair, rational, transparent decision-making processes and policies for allocation of research funds and other kinds of support for research.
  • To clarify roles and functions of various committees, MLRC (Committees) consisting of
  1. Director
  2. Research Co-ordinator
  3. Research Guides in order to facilitate researchers to understand the research system and smoothly undertake research in the Ph.D Research Centre.