Advanced Certificate Course in Medical Jurisprudence and

Forensic Science 

The College has distinctly performed in conducting advanced certificate course in the very relevant and

essential area of Forensic science. The Advanced Certificate Course in Medical Jurisprudence and

Forensic Science (CCMJFS) has been conducted in association with GR Kare College of Law, Margao

Goa. The recent techniques of crime investigation, the principles evolved in, and the evidentiary value of

the same is focused in the syllabus framed. The college has launched CCMJFS in the academic year

2018-2019. Looking at the great response that the course received in the first year, In 2020 with due

discussions between the Board of Studies members and the IQAC cell of the college the course has been

taken forward to the advanced level.

Thus in 2020-2021, CCMJFS has been introduced as an advanced certificate course. The Experts working

in the field were invited to conduct the session and explore the critical technology development and the

allied legal aspects. The College has declared and propagated the course for its students as well as others

and successfully received a registration of 254 students and professionals. The student’s performance in

the exam conducted is worth appreciating, and on successful completion of the course, 239 students are

awarded with a certificate.

The Feedback received from the stakeholders reflect the success of the course. The course has contributed

to the members’ Legal Careers with added horizons. The course led to the curriculum enrichment of the

students by imparting them extra knowledge that the prescribed coursework provides. The course has

provided the enrolled students a distinct edge over other students of other institutes. The experts called for

the course were people who have an extensive knowledge in handwriting analysis, fingerprint analysis,

cyber forensics, forensic science, criminal investigation, etc.

The course has provided a distinctive area to explore and research in comparison with the other institutes.

This course makes Modern Law College stand above all other colleges as very few institutes have offered

this distinct course. The Course is a benchmark achievement of the Modern Law College . The Course in

Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic science runs over 30 hours and weightage to the modules is given

appropriately. The teachers and experts have given the students a practical demonstration to explain the

concepts better.

The course has helped the college to reach the students of other colleges that offer this opportunity that is

not provided by their institute.

The college has a plan to expand this course further in the future with the help of expert faculties and

take it forward with more innovations