Certificate Course – Intellectual Property Rights: Protection and Commercialization


Modern Law College,

Ganeshkhind, Pune

Modern Law College, Ganeshkhind, Puneis offering 15 days Certificate Course in “Intellectual Property Rights: Protection and Commercialization”. The Certificate Course aims to develop the skills, which are required to deal with the legal and practical aspects related to regulate different Intellectual Property in India. The program aims to provide practical knowledge pertaining to IPR field and various requirements under diverse statutes.

Date of commencement: – 1st August 2022

Date of ending the course: -23rd August 2022

Resource Person Lecture Record

Module 1–Introduction to Intellectual Property

Lecture No.ModuleSubjectDuration in hrs.DayFaculty
11Introduction & Different facets of Intellectual Property Rights21st August 2022  Anand Deshpande
21.1Importance of IP through Landmark Cases22nd August 2022  Anand Deshpande

Module 2 – Patent Act,1970

Lecture No.ModuleSubjectDuration in hrs.DayFaculty
32.1Introduction – historical evolution of Patent System and Authorities under Patent Act,197023rd August 2022  Anand Deshpande
42.2Patentable Subject matter and non- Patentable Subject matter and Case laws24th August 2022  Anand Deshpande
52.3Procedure of Patent filing – Prior art searching25th August 2022  Anand Deshpande
62.4Procedure of Patent filing –Patent Claims Drafting28th August 2022  Anand Deshpande
72.5Patent Opposition & Litigation210th August 2022Anand Deshpande
82.6International Patent Filing Strategy & Patent Agent Examination211th August 2022Anand Deshpande

Module 3 – Trademark Act,1999

Lecture No.ModuleSubjectDuration in hrs.DayFaculty
93.1Basics of Trademark – Types &how to coin a good trademark212ndAugust 2022Anand Deshpande
103.2Trademark Registration Procedure – Prior art searching, filing, examination, reply, acceptance, opposition213th August 2022Anand Deshpande
113.3Violations of Trademark rights – unregistered and registered trademark217th August 2022Anand Deshpande
123.4Trademark Licensing and Assignment & drafting of the same218thAugust 2022Anand Deshpande
133.5Trademark Agent119th August 2022Anand Deshpande

Module 4–Copyright Act ,1957

Lecture No.ModuleSubjectDuration in hrs.DayFaculty
144.1Copyrightable Subject matter& Authorities under Copyright Act,1957120th August 2022Anand Deshpande
  Procedure of Registration of Copyright120th August 2022Anand Deshpande
154.2Infringement / Piracy &International Copyright222thAugust 2022Anand Deshpande

Module 5 – Design Act ,2000

Lecture No.ModuleSubjectDuration in hrs.DayFaculty
165.1Design – Subject matter & filing of Application123rdAugust 2022Anand Deshpande

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